Lost Eden  
Setup Walkthrough

486 DX/33MHz
DOS 5.0 or higher
1x CD ROM Driver
100% SoundBlaster Compatible Sound Card
Microsoft Compatible Mouse


First let's take a look at the "General Drill"

The General Drill

updated printable version

Whenever I start a new game, especially an "older one"; I have always made it a habit to make sure my system is clean. (So let's clean house) Our cleaning products?? No, I'm not talking about special Orange Sprays or Pine smelly disinfectants! I'm referring to the "3 Musketeers" of WINTEL Systems. They are: "Disk Clean Up", Check Disc (the old Scan Disc in pre XP Windows based systems) and Defrag. 

First, Let's do a Disk Clean Up (Don't know how?) GO to-->Start-->All Programs --> Accessories--> System Tools-->Disk Clean Up. Empty out what you don't need ( you'll be surprised at what you can accumulate!) Shut down all extra programs. (for those of you who know how to do this part...just skip onto the next area of the "Setup".) For those of you who don't, the easiest way to terminate your TSRs (terminated but staying resident programs, also known as background applications") is to right click on each of the little icons in the lower right portion of your Tool Bar" (located near your clock), As you r ight click on each of them you will get the option to either "exit", "close" or "unload". Do this for each of them. Then, if you have a Screensaver go ahead and disable it.

If you haven't done the "Ole' Scan Disk"...(in XP it's called "Check Disk") and Defragged recently here is a good time to do it. Go to-->My Computer-->Local Disc "C" ("C" is mine but your Local Disc maybe assigned another letter)--> Right Click-->Properties-->Tools-->"Check Now..." ->Make sure that both boxes are checked--> 1.)Automatically fix file system errors and 2.)Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.-->Click Start. You can follow this same path to locate your Defrag program as well or use Start-->All Programs-->Accessories--> System Tools-->Defrag Hard Drive. 

Check your system by doing a "Ctrl, Alt & Delete", this will bring up "The Task Manager", If you have closed out all Windows Programs, the field under "Applications" will be blank. 

(Leave the field marked "Processes" alone. Yep, I know there are lots of interesting files in there...but your really better off not touching anything in there unless you really know just what you are doing.)

Since we will be installing and running this game in DOSBox 0.70, it isn't necessary to change your Display or alter your present settings for your Audio or Video Acceleration Levels. Leave them as they are.





The Install:

First place the game CD in your "lowest named CDROM Drive (mine is "D"), these legacy games do not like higher letters. "D" is preferrable.
Next, open up a DOSBox 0.70 session. Don't have DOSBox? Have a look here at my Tutorial to get you started --- come back when you are ready. I'll be waiting for you...
DOSBox 0.70 Tutorial

Hmmm ... back already? Great!

So now you have your DOS Box installed and your Lost Eden Game cd is safely in your CDROM Drive. Open a Dosbox 0.70 session by going to Start --> All Programs --> DOSBox 0.70 --> Double Click on the DOSBox 0.70 ICON.
At the Command Prompt:
type: CD D and press the Enter Key.
this will change the directory to your CDROM Drive and the Game CD inside of it. There is a file on the CD that we need to run in order for the game to install. Your Command Prompt will now look like this:
To this phrase we will now add the file name from the Game CDINSTDOS so that it looks like this:
D:\>INSTDOS and press the Enter Key.

A screen will appear (which is the installation program for Lost Eden.) You will see a few choises here. Choose by highlighting this phrase: "I want to start a new installation" . Use your arrow keys on your keypad for this step. Once this phrase is hilighted press the Enter Key.

The Next screen will ask you if you wish to use the "Automatic" or "Manual" installation for the game. Again using your arrow keys, highlight the phrase "Manual Installation", then press the Enter Key.

There will be a few choices that you can make as the various screens appear. The First one will be the Installation Address, Leave it as it is. Use the arrow keys to highlight this and also the phrase "OK" and then press the Enter Key.

If you have followed my DOSBox Tutorial the installation address will actually be: "C:\DOS\CDRIVE\EDEN", because the program thinks that this is your Hard Drive... pretty neat, huh? All your DOS Games can be installed this way and you will always know where they are.

The next screen will ask about your Language - Graphic Card -- Sound Card -- Mouse and Extra Memory setting should be. By highlighting each one and pressing the Enter Key you can modify each parameter. Make sure that the end result is this:

Then highlight "OK" and press the Enter Key. Once this is completed, the game will ask if you wish to start the game or return to DOS. For sake of this tutorial let's choose "Return to DOS. To exit out and play the game later, simply type EXIT after the command prompt. To play the game at this point, type EDEN. Let's type EXIT --- This will close done DOSBox 0.70. We are doing this so that you will know how to start the game. Now, ready?

Go to Start --> DOSBox 0.70 --> and click on the DOSBox 0.70 Icon. At the Command Prompt:
type CD EDEN
so that the phrase looks like this:
Now press the Enter Key and the phrase will change to:
Now type the word EDEN once again so that the phrase looks like this:
and then press the Enter Key and the game will begin. But we still aren't finished. Watch carefully as the Splash Screens and Opening Cut Scenes for Lost Eden appear. Using your ALT + F12 keys, hold down the ALT key and tap the F12 key until the Video is running smoothly for you. You are adjusting the CPU Cycles of DOSBox. You can see the Cycles at the top blue bar of the screen. I found that for my system 26050 is perfect. Your system may be different depending on your own system's configuration.

Wait until after Eloi finishes his fable --- and you have control of the Brown Cube.Bring the Brown Cube up to the top of the screen, it will change into a Hand. Use it to click on the small figure at the top center of the screen. You will now see a larger figure of the Prince. Click on the larger figure and the options screen will come up. After you make your adjustments click on return.

Enjoy the game

... inferno


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