Labyrinth Of Time
Set-Up  Walkthrough

By Rae From Gameboomers

My computer configuration is as follows:

Processor: AMD Athlon Processor, 3DNow, 1400MHz
Direct X Version: 8.1
Memory: 256MB RAM
OS: Windows XP Home Edition 5.1, Build 2600 with Service Pack 1
Display/Videocard: ATI Radeon 7500 series with 64MB memory (Driver: ati2dvag.dll
Current Display Settings: 1024X768 32 bit, 90 Hz
Soundcard: VIA AC '97 Audio. (Driver: viaudio.sys

My sound acceleration and hardware acceleration are both set to one from the right as suggested by Inferno.

To begin with, follow Inferno's instructions for the General Drill. I have disk clean-up and defragmentation scheduled weekly, so I don't usually have to do this before installing a game.

Put the Labyrinth CD into the CD player. You don't have to install this game...the only thing on your hard drive will be your saved games which automatically go into your Documents file. 

Click Start, then Run, and type in the letter of your CDROM drive. The contents of the CD will appear. Ignore the lab.bat file and double-click the file folder titled LABW. RIGHT-CLICK on the player.exe. file. This looks a little different, doesn't it? No worries.

Click the second tab: Program. If the small box that says Close on Exit is checked, uncheck it. 

Click the fourth tab: Memory. Now we've got to get some memory for our DOS game to run! Under Conventional memory-Total; choose Auto. Check the box that says Protected under the Total box. Under Conventional memory-Initial environment; choose 4096. 

Next section : Expanded (EMS) memory; choose 16384

Under Extended (XMS) memory; choose 16834 and click Uses HMA

Under MS-SOS protected-mode (DPMI) memory; choose 16384 

Now, that didn't hurt a bit, did it? :)

Back to the top, and click Screen. Choose Window as opposed to Full-screen. Make sure all of the other boxes are check in this view.

Next: Misc.: If Allow Screen Saver is checked, UNCHECK it. Check the box under background that says Always suspend. If the mouse is in exclusive mode, uncheck it. 

Ok, only one more. Compatibility. Choose Run the program in compatibility for Windows 95. Check Run in 256 colors, check run in 640X480 screen resolution, check disable visual themes and finally, check turn off advanced text services for the program. Now click APPLY (don't forget this step, or you'll have to start all over! 

Now, you can play Labyrinth of Time by clicking Start, Run, the CDROM drive letter, and open Player.exe (in the LABW) file folder. I just sent a shortcut of player.exe to my desktop and that worked fine. 

Have fun storming the Ziggauraut!!

Note: You don't have to change your monitor settings to play this game, but occasionally when I would quit the game, my screen would be all distorted. I simply changed my display settings to a different Hertz level briefly to restore the screen without rebooting. It didn't happen every time...but I'll update this if I figure out why it happened at all.


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