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It's always bothered me personally, when people have told me, "Well, you just won't be able to play that game on's not compatible!" I love the older "legacy games" as well as the newer ones, but let's face it; the way the gaming industry has been going lately with all this "let's shoot everything in sight and use each and every key we possibly can on the keyboard" mentality from the larger computer gaming publishers out there, it's a true joy when a new (first or third person) point and click honest adventure comes out on the market. Load it up, begin the adventure, it's a beautiful thing. However, lately I have been developing a growing fear that in a few years there will be less and less, instead of more and more of these games as I see one by one, the smaller or independent companies fall by the wayside. That's why if, for only a little while, I've decided to take the leap and try to do my part to help preserve some of these great games. By that I mean to say that I've seen and heard from many of my friends who also share this same love ...but when they upgraded or purchased new computers (to keep up with the newer games and whatnot) found that many of their beloved favorites couldn't run on their newer machines. Why? WinXP of course! That supposedly super fast NT based system to end all systems.

LOL....But...enough of my whining. Back to the task at hand.

Some of these "adventures" I was able to load up and play to the end with no glitches at all (they will be listed here ). There will be some that may only need the usual patch or two and simple "Compatibility Mode" adjustments to get them to work; still others will be more complicated to coax them into play (I will try to provide hyperlinks to "Set-Up Walk Throughs" for these babies). Sometimes I think that getting some of these adventure games to run on WinXP is more like a cruel joke set forth by the "Grand Master Programmer at Microsoft" in an effort to provide us all with the "Ultimate Adventure Game": Getting these & *$#@%'ing games to run on our WINXP machines!!!

Of course, I know there will be those elusive ones that just will not work no matter what I do. The case in point that comes to mind of course is the now famous "Amber: Journeys Beyond".

How sad! That was one of my favorites.

So, here after three years I still am, with a list of games; some new, some old (...and even some "ancient") that I have gotten to run on my XP with a little tweaking, and lot of praying to the Adventure Gaming Gods.


But as they say "nothing ventured, nothing gained"... Inferno

Inferno's XP Adventure Game List

This is the link that will take you to The Games I have found to work with on XP for me (and after reading my Set-Ups I hope for you as well.) If a Set-Up is loaded here, there will be a link to it embedded in the title of the adventure. The games are listed in alphabetical order.

If not, it will either mean:


Games I Will Be Trying Shortly


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