Are You Afraid of the Dark
DOSBox Setup Walkthrough

by Qadventuregames

MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
3000k of Extended Memory
500k of Conventional Memory
VESA Compliant Video Card
100% Sound Blaster Compatible Sound Card
Pro Audio Series Sound Card
Microsoft Sound System Sound Card or
Adlib Gold Series Sound Card
100% Microsoft Compatible Mouse
Microsoft Mouse Driver 8.20a or higher
1x CD-ROM 
My Computer Specs
Windows XP Pro 2000 SP1
Pentium 4 ~ 3.40GHz 
1Gig RAM
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5950 Ultra
SB Audigy Audio 


This setup worked with my computer. I didn’t need to lower the hardware acceleration for my sound or video. If the sound is not to your liking, additional sound drivers can be loaded in the same manner as the VESA drivers. (You will find then on the CD in the folder labeled "Drivers"). You can also edit the SoundBlaster line in the DOSBox.conf file changing the IRQ setting from 7 to 5.

 Hopefully, this setup will work as well for your computer as it did for mine, and none of that will be necessary.





For the purposes of this setup, we're going to assume a few things. 


In order to play the game, we need to do the following:


 The great DOSBox team has made this procedure easy even for non-techies (myself included.) It is comprised of two steps: the installation and the edit of the DOSBox.conf file. 






Step One: Install and Edit DOSBox



Installation is a snap. 

Browse to the downloaded file DOSBOX0.63 - win32-installer.exe and double click to install the program.  It should install to the default folder:

 C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.63



Now all you have to do to make DOSBOX functional, is edit a few lines in the DOSBox.conf file. Browse to the DOSBox-0.63 folder and open it. You should see a file called DOSBox.conf. This is the file were going to edit with Notepad. If you're afraid you may do something incorrectly during the edit, just copy the DOSBox.conf file. That way you always have the original unedited file.- Ready to edit 

- here we go.

We are going to start at the top of the DOSBox.conf file working our way downwards, editing as we go. 


If the line is left at its default value of false DOSBox will display in a window. If you wish your display to be full screen, you must edit this line to true. 


 The cycle value is a combination of your processor and the requirement of the game. Therefore, we can't give you a cycle number that will always work with every computer and every game. You will have to experiment increasing or decreasing the cycle number, till you get the desired result with your particular computer and game. 


(Please see Steve's explanation of cycles at GAMEBOOMERS DOSBox FAQs.)


 In my case, my processor is a 3.40GHz Pentium 4. The cycle number that worked for my computer and this particular game was 18544.

We continue our way downward to the last stop the [autoexec]. It is now time to tell DOSBox what drives you wish to use. (My hard drive is C and my CD drive is H.) Please substitute your drive letters accordingly. 






STEP 2: Install the Game. 


Install the Game 

Now were ready to install the game. 






STEP 3: Edit DOSBox to Load VESA Drivers.


Install the VESA Drivers

To suit the peculiarities of this game, we must do one last thing. We need to load the VESA Drivers that are on the Game CD. We will do this by adding 2 lines to the DOSBox.conf file.


Remember: my Hard Drive letter = C and my CDROM Drive = H. Be sure to substitute the correct letters for your OWN HARDWARE !!! 






And all that is left is to ENJOY THE GAME!!








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