Beyond Time
Setup Walkthrough

by Inferno


Windows 98/95
Pentium CPU
8 MB RAM (16 MB preferred)
Double-speed or faster CD-ROM drive

Beyond Time is first person adventure which relies heavily on its video clips for direction and information. Unfortunately it was written utilizing Quicktime 2.1.2 . and also incorporates a "Smart Mouse" which really doesn't sit all too well when you add WindowsXP into the mix. For some odd reason, whenever one of the .mov files is played, the cursor disappears as the video clip ends. (Actually ... it doesn't really disappear, it's still there ... it's just that now it's invisible... Good luck trying to continue on with the game now. Well, don't dishearten too much ... There is a workaround for this unfortunate turn of events. However, before you install the game there are a few things that need mentioning:



The General Drill

updated printable version

First let's take a look at the "General Drill"

Whenever I start a new game, especially an "older one"; I have always made it a habit to make sure my system is clean. (So let's clean house) Our cleaning products?? No, I'm not talking about special Orange Sprays or Pine smelly disinfectants! I'm referring to the "3 Musketeers" of WINTEL Systems. They are: "Disk Clean Up", Check Disc (the old Scan Disc in pre XP Windows based systems) and Defrag. 

First, Let's do a Disk Clean Up (Don't know how?) GO to-->Start-->All Programs--> Accessories--> System Tools-->Disk Clean Up. Empty out what you don't need ( you'll be surprised at what you can accumulate!) Shut down all extra programs. (for those of you who know how to do this part...just skip onto the next area of the "Setup".) For those of you who don't, the easiest way to terminate your TSRs (terminated but staying resident programs, also known as 
background applications") is to right click on each of the little icons in the lower right portion of your "Tool Bar" (located near your clock), As you right click on each of them you will get the option to either "exit", "close" or "unload". Do this for each of them. Then, if you have a Screensaver go ahead and disable it. 

If you haven't done the "Ole' Scan Disk"...(in XP it's called "Check Disk") and Defragged recently here is a good time to do it. Go to-->My Computer-->Local Disc "C" ("C" is mine but your Local Disc maybe assigned another letter)-->Right Click-->Properties-->Tools-->"Check Now..." ->Make sure that both boxes are checked--> 1.)Automatically fix file system errors and 2.)Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.-->Click Start. You can follow this same path to locate your Defrag program as well or use Start-->All Programs-->Accessories-->System Tools-->Defrag Hard Drive. 

Check your system by doing a "Ctrl, Alt & Delete", this will bring up "The Task Manager", If you have closed out all Windows Programs, the field under "Applications" will be blank. 

(Leave the field marked "Processes" alone. Yep, I know there are lots of interesting files in there...but your really better off not touching anything in there unless you really know just what you are doing.)

You might want to check on your Video and Audio Acceleration at this time, make sure you set the video at the 2nd notch from the right --> and audio should be set at full (I find that this is the best setting for this adventure on MY system. Yours may be different, but this is always a good place to start and you can increase or lower them as you see fit after the game is installed.)


Change your Display to 800x600 and 32bit Color. (Right Click anywhere on your Desk Top-->Properties-->Settings-->Advanced-->Adapters-->List All Modes-->Choose 800x600/32bit Color/100Hz.  Don't forget to restart your system.

I know this seems like a bother, but if you take the time to make sure your system is sparkling on the inside, you'll have less headaches later. Remember a healthy XP is a happy one. 


Ok ...Let's get busy.


Compatibility mode-->

WinNt  4.0 SP5

Display Settings-->

check-->disable visual themes

input settings-->

check-->turn off advanced text services for this program


note: So now as you begin to play the game, the opening credits will begin for Dreamcatcher and Jones & Jones Multimedia and The splash page will appear. If you do nothing; the opening movie will begin. When it's done it will drop you somewhere in the middle of the Deserts of Egypt at the Abydos dig.  As you can see we still have our cursors. Turn left and go through the opening and you view a sandstone statue of Osiris in the middle of the ruins. When you get yourself in front of it a "flash" will happen (That's the time gate , folks transporting us back in time to ancient Egypt ...pre Egypt actually... back to the days of the Scorpion King.) You'll also notice that your cursor has become invisible. 


But do not despair! Here's the answer. Although probably an adventure in itself and should only be attempted by those steadfast adventures who are determined by hook or by crook to play this game in WindowsXP even if it kills them. 

Type what you like for the name and press "enter". Your game is now saved. To gain back the use of your cursor, Do the following:

Press "Q"-->Press "Y" --> Double click on The Beyond Time Icon--> Click through the startup Movies --> Click on "Load" --> choose the correct save and play the game. 

... what I want to know is why does everything have to be so complicated ... All I want to really do is just throw a CD into my Computer and play a game. Yeesh!!!


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