Sorry Charlie...

But Forget It List

The ones I can't get to run at all are:

Note* These are the games which I absolutely cannot get to run (and sometimes not even get to install) on MY System. Take note of the "MY" here.  I say this because I have heard that some of these will play on XP ...but with different parameters which I don't have. The most glaring one seems to be a different Video Card.  

Emergency Room
Liath (does not work with Nvidia GE Force MMX440)   
Noir: A Shadowy Thriller
Panic in The Park


" see, I still reserve the right to have a works in progress list."

The Works in Progress List

The Work in Progress Games: "We probably can get these games to run if we all put our heads together." These Games will work, but only partially. Some have saving problems; others no sound or choppy sound. I refer to them as "works in progress" and encourage any ideas offered to help solve their quirkiness so that we can add them to the final finished list below. So if anyone has any constructive path to offer, please email me or leave a suggestion on the "Comments" page.



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