"Last Chances" by Earl W. Parrish


This page contains links and background material related to my short story "Last Chances."
(Available on Extremes 4: Darkest Africa from Lone Wolf Publications)
(A listgroup for this volume is available at E-Groups)

First, to fully immerse yourself in the mood of the story, read the lyrics and play the songs "A Thousand Years" and "Desert Rose" from Sting's Brand New Day album.

The story takes place at an archaeological dig near the Selima Oasis in northern Sudan.  The protagonist is attempting to discover new information about the transition period between the Old and Middle Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt, and how it related to the "C-group" culture of Lower Nubia. This covers the period from roughly 2200-1900 years BCE.

Most of the original sites were lost to us forever when water behind the Aswan High Dam flooded the land between the First and the Third Cataracts of the Nile, the heart of Lower Nubia, in the 1960's -- despite the efforts of UNESCO's Nubia Salvage Project.  In fact, some were already gone due to the original Aswan dam built in 1902.

    Links on the history, archaeology, geography, geology, etc. of the region:
    - The Libyan Desert in general
    - The palaeoecology and paleodrainages of the area
    - Al-Ahram, an Egyptian weekly in english (search on "nubia nubian")
    - Article on the Kelsey Museum's exhibit on Ancient Nubia
   - Therole of women in Nubia throughout history