April 4-7 2002

Scenes from last year


the 14th edition
April 4-7 2002

City, State, Zip _______________________________________
e-mail ______________________________________________
Phone ______________________________________________

______number of people in your party
A party is a group of people attending together, whether they are related or not. Each party gets one set of goodies but as many ID badges as they need. So, if two unrelated people from the same town are driving in together and sharing a room, they will get one one souvenir license plate and goody bag if they register as one party. To each get one they must register seperately.
The year and model of your Edsel (even if you are not bringing it)____________________ (ie 58 Pacer, 60 Ranger). If you have more than one Edsel, pick one or list them all on the back of the page.

Will you be bringing an Edsel Yes No
Registration fee (based on postmark)
Early bird (on or before Feb 18) $25.00**
Regular rate (Feb 19-March 26) $30.00
Day of show (non-pre registered) $35.00

Banquet tickets at $30 each
__________number of tickets __________banq total
Total payment enclosed _____________________
Make checks payable to Roadrunners Edsel Club and mail them to Edsels in Las Vegas Event 2002, PO Box 4904, Panorama City CA 91412.

**Early bird registrees may select what their souvenir event license plate says. Any (in decent taste) 7 digit combination of letters and numbers may be used. So you can spell your name, your car's nickname, some models (PACER, RANGER, but not Villager).
Sorry, because the plates need to be manufactured in advance, only early bird registrations can select what their plates will say.

Hotel reservations, same as last year, phone number is 800 634-6441 and ask to speak to Mrs. Blue. I'll put more up about that shortly.

Any other questions you can ask at:
Confirmed activities:
Friday morning--Ads that never saw print. Ad campaigns featuring racing cars and police vehicles were designed and made for the Edsel but were never used. Phil Skinner will lead a seminar showing actual photocopies from these original ads, and explain the who what when and why behind them.
Friday night--Parts and literature auction, all Edsel related items.
Saturday morning--Car show
Saturday evening--Banquet
Tentative plans:
Shelved until 2003 Tour of Nellis Air Force Base.
Your taxes bought their toys and pay these people's salaries, so why not take a tour of YOUR Air Force's facilities? Actually, the Nellis people go all out to show you a good time on their base from the up close and personal view of the stunt flying Thunderbirds' jets through a photo session at Freedom Park.
Post-September 11 security regulations currently do not allow any private cars to enter the base. If we still want to come we must rent a commercial vehicle such as a charter bus to transport us. (We also would have to submit a guest list in advance for security approval. Nobody who showed up late could go).  This not only takes away some of the fun, but would cost each participant quite a bit. So we'll save this tour  for when the alert status is back to normal at Nellis, be that 2003 or 2004 or...

This photo was taken May 7 2001 when another group (including this Edsel) took the tour. FoMoCo wasn't the only company that had McNamara attempting to scuttle a vehicle's production.  In this photo are two of his favorites--an Edsel and an F-15 figher jet (the one in the background). He tried to end F-15 production during the Vietnam War too.