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Our History
The Town of Flatlands (which was known to the early Dutch settlers as Amersfort), and which included the unincorporated village of Canarsie, was settled in 1636, making it the oldest settled area on Long Island. It is second only to Manhattan in the tristate area. In 1896, the Town of Flatlands was annexed by the City of Brooklyn, and in 1898, the City of Brooklyn was annexed by the City of New York. It was thus that Canarsie became a part of Greater New York.
Canarsie Historical Society was founded in 1982 by Jean Martense Gladwish and the late Elsie Oberg, both of whom descended from Canarsie's first families. For many years, the society operated under the able leadership of Ben DuBose, who served as the president. The current co-presidents are Ira M. Kluger and Charles S. Dono. Our work was and continues to be inspired by the late John F. Denton, who was the foremost authority on Canarsie's history.
One of our most significant accomplishments was the preservation of the eastern portion of the original Town of Flatlands burial ground, which is officially known by the City of New York as the "Indian Cemetery". In addition, our organization's position paper, which was authored and presented by Ben DuBose, was instrumental in the landmarking and preservation of the 17th century Lott Family Homestead, which is located in what is now known as the Marine Park area. More recently, we succeeded in placing a plaque at the site where the Canarsie Courier was founded in 1921, a long-held dream of co-president Ira Kluger.
In 2000, our organization received a Brooklyn History Award from Borough President Howard Golden and Borough Historian Dr. John Manbeck.

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve the history of the Canarsie area, to collect relevant archival documents and artifacts, and to serve as an educational resource to the community.

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Organization News

On Sunday, September 14th, 2003, we conducted a walking tour of the Canarsie area and its historic sites.
On November 11th, 2003, the Canarsie Historical Society dedicated a plaque marking the site of Canarsie's first freestanding post office. The post office stood at 1412 Rockaway Parkway, near Glenwood Road, in the storefront, which is now occupied by Price Fashions. 
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Theresa C. Rosen

The Canarsie Historical Society mourns the death on August 4th, 2011 of Theresa "Terry" Capece Rosen, President of the Society of Old Brooklynites; Secretary of the Italian Historical Society of America; and Vice-President Emeritus of the Fort Hamilton Historical Society.

Grant her eternal rest, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.

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