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1998 West Kennet Formation URLs:

Stuart Dike got himself covered in mud and yellow pollen but it was worth it, 'cuz he brought us back a first-hand report and lovely poleshots of the WKennet 'Beltane Wheel/Torus Knot'. Beltane is a Celtic beginning-of-Spring celebration in which letting go of the past (burning one's old possessions in Fire) and preparing for new growth is the focus. The Circles bring with them a kind of 'renewal Fire' of Their own, and I've seen over and over that when folks connect with the Formations, their lives are forever altered ... an incredible growth spurt begins ... :-)

Here you'll find Rob Speight's beautiful pole shots of the new WKennet Formation.

AJSamuel's mpeg vidcapture of WKennet Formation from a tv newsclip (~28sec, 400kb) -- this will be removed shortly, so download it if you don't want it to get away ... Also, for our viewing pleasure, AJ's manifested (thanks to his new scanner) some wonderful poleshots for us.

Busty's HomePage -- BookMark this one to stay up-to-the-minute current as the Season unfolds.



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