I've heard various folks ask, "If The CircleMakers are so smart, how come they don't write in our language so we can understand them?!" Though to my knowledge our CircleMakers still haven't scribed any letters of the English alphabet into our fields (setting aside the Kansas 'E97+'), they have indeed acknowledged one of the world's -- and the Universe's -- languages ...



The Language of Light:
The '96 Etchilhampton Glyph

I was able to visit these two extraordinary CropCircles on the day they arrived. The Glyph was located in a separate Formation to one side of the long, meandering 'Meditation Path', which had 13 uniquely laid Circles immaculately dotting its length. These 13 seemed to me as a necklace, with the two outermost Circles forming 'clasps' on either end and the 11 inner Circles as 'prayer beads' on the strand between them ...

I walked the long Path alone under a brilliant blue sky, the air warmed by a golden Sun, the scent of ripening wheat filling my head. The only sounds were from my bare feet as they softly crunched the laid wheat stalks beneath them.

Because there were no distractions on the unadorned Path segments, I was able to focus my complete Attention on what I was doing and feeling in the moment. With each footfall I was acutely aware of the extraordinary privilege I'd somehow been granted, of being enabled to interact with these Energies, these 'Gifts of the gods', and I offered my thanks to Gaia and The CircleMakers many times during my exploration of this inspired, and inspirational, Formation.

While my experience exploring the lay intricacies of these two Patterns will be recorded in a separate story, here I want to focus specifically on what I've recently discovered about one of the Glyphs inside the 'medallion', the more 'CropCircle'-looking of the two.

The Medallion consisted of two separate Glyphs juxtapositioned within its center and described within a triangle. I do not yet understand the relationship between the two Glyphs, though it's possible that the 'sphinx' or 'lion' or 'feline' (the one beneath the magenta character above) just might be a really old or perhaps stylized version of the character 'GiMeL', explained below. There are several similarities between the two, but there's also a major difference. If you recognize the character the 'sphinx' represents, I'd very much appreciate hearing from you!

I've learned that the 'magenta squiggle' is one of the twenty-seven Hebrew characters. While studying Stan Tenen's webpages regarding how these (and other) letters were originally generated 'way back in ancient times, one of them jumped out at me. When I clicked to read Stan's definition of the glyph, I became even more excited.

The Light Within:
Through his excellent graphics (which he's very kindly given me permission to use here) Stan shows how the letters of the Hebrew and Arabic alphabets were originally generated. As a Light was shone on a certain Spiral embedded within a variously positioned tetrahedron, the Glyphs were 'made manifest' (as you'll see in Stan's graphics below). He refers to the Spiral as the Unity or Egyptian Spiral -- and strongly maintains that this is not the Phi Spiral. According to his information, the mathematical constant of the Unity Spiral is 1/7.

The poster below presents one character of the Hebrew alphabet both as it's seen inside the tetrahedron 'reflecting the Light' (the one on the left), and as it was Transmitted by The CircleMakers in the Formation.

NB: I believe The CircleMakers have Transmitted star patterns of at least two constellations (Cassiopeia and the Pleiades) in mirror image, and the character that is the subject of this writing was also reversed in the field:

This is the way in which the Hebrew character "ZaYiN" is actually written.


The Meaning of the Symbol:
According to Stan, ZaYiN literally means 'arrow', though through his own research he believes its extended meaning also includes nuances of the word 'projection'.


Here's a quote from Stan's webpage regarding its meaning:
"ZaYiN, Projection, paired with GiMeL, Action ... denotes extended Action (beyond limits) like a sprout ... that erupts or is thrown or ejected like a seed. That is why ZaYiN means Spear, Weapon or Arrow. ZaYiN is located opposite GiMeL as the World Mountain climbs back to the source at the center of Continuous Creation." [see also his index to all the Hebrew letters]


I've learned that 'Projection' is a most appropriate word with which to describe the way a CropCircle is generated. There are parallels between the way the Energies are used in the Transmissions and the Energies conveyed by the words 'spear' and 'arrow'. For example, it appears as though the Toruses ('Balls') of Light which create the Formations 'hurl' or 'shoot' (ie, project) the Sound, Heat, and Wind Energies from within their own Energy fields into the area of the Formation-to-be. Also, the Energies of the Toruses are coherent ones whose beams literally fly straight 'like an arrow'.

A good analogy between the Formations and Stan's definition is that of the 'seeds', for the frequency-Gifts (the residual 'energetic vibrations') within and radiating from each Formation over subsequent years are indeed being projected and seeded by the 'parent plant' (our spiritual if not genetic* 'forebears'/contemporaries, the CircleMakers) in the hope that these 'seeds', which carry within them myriad consciousness-enhancing frequencies, will find fertile ground, root and sprout among us. Joyfully, and in conjunction with a veritable stream of non-Circle-related 'miracles' we are now receiving, humans worldwide are in the process of recognizing and honoring such 'fertility' within. As are the arrivals of The Circles themselves, our collective Awakening appears unstoppable ...

[ * I believe that our CircleMakers are a non-physical Entity -- a consciousness gestalt, or 'personality essence', even as the Seth declares himself to be. I think of The CircleMakers as a single, unified Consciousness comprised of a very large number of highly spiritually evolved once-individual Awarenesses, or facets of Consciousness. Though comprised of 'many points of Light', all 'feed in to' and augment the whole. They manifest their Intent via a single Will, and maintain Their existence within a single frequency -- the purest and most fertile-ly creative frequency in our Universe, that of Love (Lo-Phi). Of all Energies, only Love is capable of Manifesting on all frequencies. The CircleMaker gestalt Is as One.]

Still another correlation might be made with Stan's definition. He writes that ZaYiN implies 'Action beyond [as opposed to "within"] limits, like a sprout'. When we have our Will under our conscious control, when we're able to focus all of our energies toward a specific Intent, and when we not only decide upon a course of Action but are Will-ing to follow through (ie, to project our Will, as The CircleMakers are projecting Theirs to create the Formations), then we too, like the sprout, will be effortlessly nourished by the Greater Reality Energies, and our actions will have effects 'beyond' our normally accepted limits as we encourage ourselves to grow to our full multidimensional potentials.


Worth Repeating?
As I tried to visualize how The CircleMakers may have Transmitted the Etchilhampton Glyph, three understandings suddenly jelled for me: 1) they too had projected Light to generate this Formation, just as the Ancient Hebrew Ones had done to project the Sacred Glyphs; 2) by precisely laying the crop, The CircleMakers had actually delineated a 2-D triangle outside the Glyph to symbolize the 3-D tetrahedron -- almost all CropCircles yield additional information when visualized in three dimensions. The triangle-in-the-lay can be seen in the (above) photograph of the Formation. And finally, 3) the ZaYiN Glyph was manifested inside this laid triangle/tetrahedron. I sometimes wonder if The CircleMakers may have actually 'carved out' the ZaYiN glyph (whose stalks formed a standing part of the Pattern) after the sides of the triangle were in place, thus replicating precisely the procedure used by our Early Teachers as They instructed our Earthly scholars: "Shine a Light into a specially prepared tetrahedron so that when the Spiral's facets are illuminated they will project the sacred WordForms/Sounds, that ye might always Remember ..."

I believe that these we call our CircleMakers today were, in fact, one of our species' earliest Teachers ...


You may want to take a quick side-trip to see Steve Alexander's impressive aerial photo of the entire Formation (enhanced here with false-color and contrast), or enjoy a more leisurely viewing of a lovely selection of Stuart Dike's pole shots of this Formation on The CropCircle Connector. The 'prayer bead' Circles on the Meditation Path were extraordinarily laid (each was simultaneously formed as the Path was being generated through it), though because of their size and the location of the Path (which ran through the center of each 'bead'), the entire pattern of any single Circle was difficult to photograph. On the same Connector page you'll also find additional, especially informative articles regarding this Etchilhampton Formation written by two Circle researchers, each of whose unique perspectives has augmented my own understanding.

Note: re: the comparison of the Roundway and Etchilhampton Formations shown on The Connector: It looks to me as though both photos are of the same Formation -- they're both of Roundway, which received the first Glyph and Teardrop; Etchil's followed about a week later. I'll connect with Mark and Stuart and we'll have this oversight corrected shortly.

Because Circle-themes often include three Formations in a 'set' (for examples, see the three [quick-opening] separate Transmissions of the '95Brockwood Park CropCircle and the 4-, 5-, and 6-arm Stars we received in 1995), I believe we'll be receiving a third Formation with a Glyph and Teardrop, perhaps after we assimilate the 'meanings' of the two already received ... ?



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