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The Language of Light:
The Eltopia Formation


For a more complete report on my visit to this Formation, please see The CropCircle Connector's Eltopia webpage.

Below is the aerial, with 3 additional photos of the Formation and area. I was startled to see the 'irrigation circles' and round fields in this area of central Washington! Folks have written to me about them, but I'd never seen one 'til this trip. They're most interesting, and I thought others might also like to see them, too. The 'connecting bar' between the round fields is the irrigation system (the photo will open below in a minute) ... Yet the Eltopia Formation's lay replicates this irrigation pattern precisely!

While many of the over 100 Formations I've visited have similar lay patterns, Eltopia's is unique, with the lay of each separate Circle beginning to one side or the other of the intruding Path (which side depended on whether it was laid clockwise or counterclockwise -- a clockwise lay began immediately to the left of the Path). In each Circle into which the Path extends (this is highlighted in an aerial below), the Circle's lay was begun first. Then the Path was laid and terminated in the Circle's center, while the rest of the Circle was still being formed; and finally the Circle's lay was completed and terminated in Bundles on top of the Path. (Unfortunately, my lay photos are still in my camera!) Once again, the split-second timing required for these 9 Circles and Paths to all form simultaneously must've been awesome to behold!


Farmers Craig and Karen Schaefer have opened the Formation to visitors! If you'd like to visit, please drop me an e and I'll send you the directions. Eltopia is about a 4-hour drive from either Seattle or Portland. I don't know how long it might take from Spokane.

Thankyou Craig, Karen, Heidi, Ray, and Erik for your hospitality, interest, and enthusiasm! It's not often we meet farmers who consider The Circles 'absolutely fascinating', and we are indeed appreciative of your patience and openness!   :-)  You folks had been 'primed' even before we arrived, as you'd been made aware of several 'coincidental' occurrences -- your neighbors' dogs barking incessantly at 3am that Friday morning the Formation Arrived; the way in which the grain was laid within the Formation which you clearly recognized was different from the lodging you now have, and have seen, many times over the years; Merle's unfortunate experience with the destruction of his pocket computer as he crossed the SoundBarrier (the Energy field at the perimeter of each Circle); and by recognizing that the photos I showed you from my Monograph even before I'd been inside your Circle depicted the same types of lay anomalies (the Perimeter Stalks, the tracks of the WindTubes [the 'swirls' on the floors of the Circles], the seedhead alignments) -- and so you knew in your hearts that your Pattern wasn't stomped out by beer-drinking teens out for a lark, or by Nature's 'dustdevils'. Thankyou for listening to my story that Wednesday evening! You've received a most magical Gift from those we call The CircleMakers ... Your land and crop have been wonderfully blessed. (Those lucky folks who'll be buying a loaf of bread will probably never suspect ... :-) May you receive many additional Circles in your fields in the coming years ... and hey, guys, please be sure to call me when you do! :-)

   - ilyes

July 8, 1998



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