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Before Mardi Gras Parade (Feb 1999) Caitian Warrioress from Halloween at Seville Quarter

The Real Reason We Exist Mardi Gras 1999 Predators at Dragon Con 97 Commanding USS Enterprise - Summer 2000 Darth Maul at Birthday Party 2001 Exploreum Exhibit in 2001
Caitian Warrioress from Dragon Con 97 Le Petite Enfants Mall Ball Ka'sus Prior to Le Petite Enfants Mall Ball 1996 Phantom Menace Promotion 2001 Picachu are Worse than Tribbles Warrior Xena at Dragon Con Warriors Captured USS Alabama COL Dearing at Dragon Con
Pensacola Hooters after Mardi Gras 1999 Pensacola Hooters after Mardi Gras 2001 Pensacola Hooters after Phantom Menace Premier 2001

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