Litter Pedigree

Pictured at 7 and 10 weeks

Show Prospect Female @ 7 Weeks
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Flashy Female at 10 Weeks

Show Prospect Male @ 7 Weeks
Flashy Male No Longer Available

Flashy Male at 10 Weeks

Semi-Flashy Female
No Longer Available

Semi-Flashy Female at 7 Weeks
No Longer Available

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About The Dam

Litter Pedigree

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Thinking about bringing a puppy into your family?

Before you begin a search for the perfect puppy,
We highly recommend the book:

The Art of Raising a Puppy

by The Monks of New Skete

The monks have been raising and training German Shepherd dogs at their New York monastery for over thirty years. Their insight into socialization and early training is invaluable. The book also serves as an excellent guide for raising a puppy, explaining how to deal with common problems like chewing, jumping up, and the how and why of crate training.













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Litter Pedigree