Striker had a fantastic time celebrating his

10th Birthday

on March 31st at the The Dining Dog Cafe and Bakery.

He was the pampered guest of Vera Gladstone of Manor Hills Boxers.

The restaurant, located in Edmonds, Washington

caters to dogs of all breeds in an elegant atmosphere

of tablecloths, chandeliers, soft music and plush doggie lounge chairs.

Striker loved the Chow-Tinis, a cocktail consisting of

diluted (low-sodium) chicken broth with special edible swizzle sticks.

Warm appetizers of duck pate were

followed by a meaty main course.

Additionally, he was surprised with a

birthday "cake" complete with his name,

and served on a golden charger!

Striker definitely enjoyed the dining experience, and the socializing

with the other patrons: especially a sweet daschund girl

who had simply dropped in for dinner,

Birthday party attire was provided by the establishment,

and Striker didn’t mind wearing a hat at all.

Service was incredible, and Striker gives the entire experience

a Paw's Up and a Fast Tail Wag'n!


Our thanks to the host Dorothy Moore,

of The Dining Dog Cafe and Bakery

and to Vera Gladstone for treating us

to unforgettable experience!