Absence of Reader Responses to Iced Neuron

Well, it is true that I haven't tried to advertise the website. My experience is that there is, in the absence of responsible leadership form the highest levels, no way to force anyone to pay attention to the climate issue. And, it is also true that Iced Neuron is a website that requires actual work, sometimes including a willing suspension of disbelief and an extended temporality, to understand. Sadly, altogether too many people - especially those who have given up Hope - are unwilling, unable, or simply don't have the time to engage with such a website. Furthermore, I know that the website is very chunky and hard to navigate. Please accept my apologies for all of that: I am one person working at his own expense to maintain this site, I am not a computer geek, and I do "have a life."  My motto is "Progress not perfection."

I expect that, like me, most Americans have taken consciousness, climate, and freedom for granted for much of their lives. Certainly we each must adapt, to the extent we choose and to the extent necessary to stay alive, to our local conditions. That is the basis, I expect, for the most common response I get when I browbeat people about climate change: "Well, David, I think I'll focus on something I can do something about." Yes, that's all very well, but times have changed, Virginia, and that's not Santa Claus knocking at the door. While it may be true that we cannot prevent the earth from entering the next, glacial, phase of the climate cycle, it is certainly not true that there is nothing we can do about it.  We can plan for the transition with an eye toward maintaining the finest aspects of civilization. For some tentative ideas see Coming to Grips. Without the "smart environment" that civilization provides, our consciousness will probably revert of a less differentiated, ancestral form, that is much less friendly to individual freedom than is the modern variety of consciousness. Remember, consciousness without freedom is useless and freedom without consciousness is senseless! Thus, if the inaction of fatalism fails to insure the survival of civilization across the interglacial/glacial boundary and there is a massive population down-sizing, then fatalism will likely have proved disastrous for the future of human consciousness on this planet. It is hard to imagine that we could, at any time after such a horrendous event, muster the strength to conquer the shame generated by the consequences of our inaction.

I really do want feedback both with regard to content and style, so take a moment to let me know your thoughts. Perhaps you would want to try to think about what Jesus would do if He were faced with this disquieting new knowledge. Surely this unique time in human history is one where we really need to follow His teachings. Since this is a time during which catastrophe will result if we let the past dictate our behavior, it becomes particularly important to remember the teaching about radical forgiveness.

Well, so be it.  I pray that others who have visited Iced Neuron are still thinking about and studying the issue of climate change and that you found something useful here.  To those of you who fall in that category, thanks for your efforts. In spite of the credulous support for Dubya's Endless War and efforts by the Bush administration to weaken environmental rules and regulations (see The Iceberg Cometh , Bush Dashes Hopes, and Buying Your Own Death), the significance and threat of a change to glacial phase conditions is finally beginning to makes its way into consciousness here in the United States. Please, do not abandon Hope. Just because the current leaders of the US choose to maintain their bizarre case of craniorectal insertion, that is no reason for the rest of the world not to move forward on the climate issue. Even for the US, there may still be an opportunity for a genuine advancement of human consciousness. We almost succeeded in getting the climate issue to the top of the agenda this time. Al Gore did win the popular vote and Paul O'Neill, President-Select Bush's Secretary of the Treasury (for a time), recommended a Manhattan Project-style attack on global warming when he first came on board. Real leadership continuously threatens to break out and something may yet happen.

There is, in this quantum universe, always an element of uncertainty about which one of the potential futures will become actual.  Wouldn't it be nice if the Quantum Zeno Effect would apply to abrupt climate change - by thinking about it often enough we could prevent it from happening. That seems unlikely, however, as is the prospect for a Special Prosecutor with regard to what appear to be numerous derelictions of duty within the Bush administration with regard to knowledge of impending terrorist attacks, so we'll just have to keep on keeping on and be prepared to try again next time around, if necessary. As usual for this stage of the climate cycle, now is the time to work on positive adaptations in your own country. It is also time to recruit new followers who are willing to eschew the continual cycling of embodied human consciousness between participatory and alienated modes and the horrendous suffering and loss of life that - in a unprepared world - is likely to accompany the abrupt onset of the next glacial phase. We must be willing to live and die, again and again if necessary as bodhisattvas, for the day when homo sapiens sapiens have the courage to transcend their fear-generated anger and hatred and are ready to come to grips with the reality of the earth's climate cycle. Good luck and God's speed.

Last Modified March 22, 2004