1-3-2008: These pages will be moving to slavens.net very soon. Check the links page for the new URL. I hope to have the pages moved this weekend.

Welcome to this site, dedicated the family and descendants of my great-great-grandfather, James Slavens. To clarify, since there are so many James Slavenses out there, this concerns the family that lived in Eel River Township, Hendricks County, Indiana, in the 19th century.

I'd like to thank my "cousins" who have assisted by providing photos, information about their branches of the family, and encouragement: Jeanine Wichman (Nancy Slavens Dean), George Marquis (Jesse Slavens), and Brad Slavens (John Slavens). Thanks also to the Slaven Family Association, the folks who participate in the Rootsweb mailing list and the various surname "bulletin boards," and other cousins who have helped in the research the past year and a half.

We would love to hear from other members of the James Slavens family!

Please email or snail me if you are or know another member of the extended family. I would love to add more information to this site-- names, dates, places, photos, maps, what-have-you-- or add a link to your Slavens-related site. I'm especially looking for family photos of the children and grandchildren of James Slavens-- photos of headstones just don't have the same impact as photos of the person!

Corrections, suggestions, and reports of problems with the site are welcome too. While I've checked the pages with several browsers, I don't have access to AOL or the non- or older-version Microsoft/Netscape/Opera browsers.

Thanks, and enjoy the site!

Larry Slavens
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