Pott's Cemetery

Wayne Township, Montgomery County, Indiana

Abbott, D.(letter lost)   
Abbott, George W. 1-15-1855 4-23-1890 
Ames, Melvina,dau of James & Mahala11-23-1867 5-12-1874 
Ames, Infant son of J & M 8-29-1869 
Arheart, Charles M. May 1854Dec 1888 
Arheart, Villa Cording(two stones)May 1856 Oct 1943 
Arheart, Charlie May 4, 1854 Dec. 28, 1888 
Arheart, Villawife of Charlie Arheart 5-19-1856 10-11-1943 
Arheart, Clarence H. Nov 1878Jul 1879 
Arheart, Clarence H.son of C.M. & M. Arheart  7-29-1819 30y 8m 18d
Arheart, Fred E. Jan 1883Apr 1891 
Arheart, Fredie son of C.M. & M. Arheart   4-14-18948y 2m 29d
Baldwin, Abraham P. consort of Mary E. Baldwin  10-5-1848about 50 years
Baldwin, Absalom C.  3-5-181810-15-188567y 7m 10d
Baldwin, Elizabethwife of Absalom C.  8-2-1883 62y 5m 5d
Baldwin, Mary E.dau of A. & E. 12-19-1851 3y 2m
Baldwin, William Thomas son of Absalom & E.  3-27-185613y 6m 7d
Baldwin, Elias  8-29-1856 83y 9m 24d
Baldwin, Mary wife of Elias 7-25-1851 65y 6m 14d
Baldwin, David son of Elias & Mary 1-2-1866 15y 9m 16d
Baldwin, Dolly wife of Elias 9-25-1869 25y 5m 12d
Baldwin, Elias Jacksonno stone?1-18-18234-4-1906 83y 2m 17d
(Based on death record from California and Crawfordsville obituaries.)
Baldwin, Elizabeth wife of E.J. 6-7-1884 52y 5m 10d
Baldwin, Garrett 7-26-1852 6-9-1900 
Baldwin, Barbara A. 18561914 
Baldwin, Infantdau of Garrett & Barbara Burk b & d9-16-1888 
Baldwin, John son of E.J. & M 2-15-1874 15y 5m 15d
Baldwin, John B. Weller son of E.J. & Mary 9-26-18541y 1m 25d
Baldwin, Mary wife of E.J.  9-11-1867 ??y 5m 22d
Baldwin, Mary C. dau of E. & D.A.  3-14-1869 10 days
Baldwin, Mary wife of Wm. A. 8-22-1812 23 years
Baldwin, Martie E. dau of W. J. & E. J. 9-18-1872 1y 1m 27d
Baldwin, Rachel E. A. dau of A.P. & M.E. 4-18-185313y 7m
Ball, Nathan (age covered up)  5-1-1852 
Ball, Abigail, consort of Nathan 11-28-1842 23y 5m 28d
Ball, John K. son of N. & M.  10-18-1855 8y 2d
Ball, William son of N. & M. 6-29-1853 5y 4d
Blankenship, Elizabeth wife of John W.  7-14-1865 64y 6m 1d
Bratton, Wm. Allen son of George & C. A.  1-5-1851 12 days
Bratton, Infant son 9-27-18463 days
Bratton, Infant son   1-12-18463 days
Bratton, Mary Jane dau of George & Cynthia A. 9-21-18525m 17d
Bratton, Infant son of G. & C. 1855 
Burk, Anna wife of George W. 5-22-1866 20y 6m 16d
Burk, Francis M. son of George & Susan 8-17-1876 7y 10m 2d
Burk, Emanuel  5-10-1878 62y 6m 20d
Burk, Lydia Lavelwife of Emanuel Burk11-30-18175-15-1893 
Burk, Nelson son of E. & L.11-17-1862 5-17-1886 
Burk, Emanuel Jr.  6-5-1871 25y 2m 14d
Burk, Alexie son of E. & L. (no dates) 30y 10m 26d
Calder, Jerelinainfant dau of L. & M. Calder  9-28-1944 
Campbell, Emilly dau of J.C. & M.A. Campbell 9-25-18472y 5m 4d
Campbell, Launda dau of J. & M. Campbell 7-2-1843 9y 11m 29d
Campbell, Robert son of J. & M. Campbell  5-15-1843 2y 2m 26d
Campbell, John B.  8-6-1810 1y 3m 21d
Campbell, William  (dates not legible) 
Clark, Fanny dau of J. & M. April 1870 16 years
Cooley, John A. 10-5-1767 1-17-1817 
Cooley, John A. 1-21-17953-22-1864 68y 3m 1d
Cooley, Rebecca J. wife of John A. Cooley Jr. 4-25-1800 1-28-1834 
Cooley, Abigail 8-1-1803 2-26-1866 65y 6m 21d
Cope, Infant dau of C.E. & M.N. Cope 9-2-1933 
Cowan, Robert  9-4-186361y 12d
Cowan, Rachel 3-28-1814 12-26-1907 
Cowan, Elias B. son of R. & R. Cowan  7-22-1839 2y 1m 20d
Cowan, James A. son of R. & R. Cowan  9-3-1852 7y 7m
Farley, Hannah (buried beside Daniel & Hassidiah White)   63y
Grimes, Martha J. wife of Isaac M. Grimes 5-29-1856 23y 9m 6d
Hauck, Phillip 8-23-18074-6-1879 71y 7m 13d
Hauck, Sarah wife of Phillip Hauck11-25-1814 9-15-188066y 9m 21d
Hayes, George 18281911 
Hayes, Lavina wife of George 8-3-1877 42y 10m 20d
Hayes, Henry July 1798 Sept 1862 
Anna White May 1806Apr 1864 
Hayes, Margaret Ann wife of Richard T.  1-18-1865 19y
Hayes, Infant son of R. & Margaret Ann  1863 
Hayes, Richard80y  9-22-1848 
Hayes, Mary wife of Richard 12-2-1851 
Hayes, Wm March 1826 Aug 1921 
Hayes, Lavina Webster July 1835Nov 1921 
Johnson, William C.  2-14-185425y 2m 3d
King, D. H. son of W.H. & M. A. Abbott6-19-1850 8-25-187121y 2m 6d
King, W.D.75y 7m 4-15-1879  
Larew, Eliza J. wife of G. Larew  6-16-1874 35y 8m 9d
Larew, John H. son of G. & E. J.  6-10-1869 12y 1d
Larew, Infant dau of G. & E. J. (no dates) 
Larew, Garret 17951840 
Larew, GarretCo. K 86 Reg. Ind. 9-17-1838 2-10-1915 
Larew, Amanda M. 5-6-18443-3-1914 
Larew, Martha A. dau of G. & E. J. Larew 5-8-1892 22y 3m 7d
Larew, William 18711930 
Lowe, D. V. son of John & M. J. 6-8-18645-11-1866 1y 11m 3d
Lowe, J. D. son of John & M. J.8-26-1860 5-5-1863 2y 8m 21d
Lowe, William M. 1-28-18629-11-1893 
Lowe, Genora Ida dau of John & Jane 10-3-1876 1y 4m 2d
Mawhorter, Mary E.  2-18-1878 61y 9m 7d
Miller, Esther wife of James H. 9-29-1840 22y 3m 22d
Monroe, Aaron   8-26-1848 58y 3m 19d
Monroe, Ruth wife of Aaron 8-18-1846 52y 5m 2d
Monroe, Soloman  5-7-1851 26y 6m 23d
Monroe, Mary wife of Soloman 2-25-1851 24y
Moore, Allen J.  7-23-183511-2-1905 
Moore, Anna E. wife of Allen J.5-30-1838 1-30-1905 
Moore, Infant son of A.J. & A. E.  11-21-1865 
Moore, Allen 1-11-1789 10-22-1865 
Moore, Hannah 9-17-1793 11-8-1877 
Moore, Catharine dau of A. & H. 5-24-1837 7y 1m 3d
Moore, Manerva dau of A. & H.  3-8-1836 2y 2m 29d
Moore, Edgar son of I. & B. L. 6-6-1856 7m 15d
Moore, Grace 1-25-18875-30-1928 
Moore, Joel A. son of Joseph & Harriett  11-26-185719y
Moore, Levi 4-20-18218-26-1905 
Moore, Ralph 10-29-1913 8-6-1927 
Moore, Samuel T. 6-12-18325-12-1854 
Moore, William 8-23-1867 10-16-1941 
Oster, Dora 1878 1899 
Oster, Nancy 18551899 
Oster, Daimey 18821900 
Phillips, Margaret  3-25-1856 37y 11m 27d
Pittenger, Amanda wife of Leroy Hobbs 2-20-1856 12-15-1905 
Pittenger, Anna L. 4-14-18613-3-1863 
Pittenger, Emma J. 7-15-1859 3-6-1863 
Pittenger, Emily 9-20-1824 7-21-1899 
Pittenger, Nichulas 1-10-18213-2-1885 
Pittenger, Charlie 6-22-1865 3-17-1896 
Rhoads, Henry  3-10-1854 56y 18d
Rhoads, Elizabeth wife of Henry 3-12-1887 36y 3m 12d
Rhoads, Jacob L.Co. E. 7 Ill. Inf.  (no dates) 
Reeder,Rozett A. wife of James M. Reeder  6-9-1813 35y 4m 3d
Shelley, George   1820 
Shelley, Anna W.    
Shelley, Samuel, William, Ellen  (no dates) 
Shipman, Mary Ann wife of Joseph 2-9-1810 12-22-1853 
Shipman, John Andrew son of J. & M.A. 10-14-1853 12-12-1853 
Stonebraker, Amy wife of Henry 1-16-1871 64y 6m 4d
Stonebraker, (Ann or Amy) Elizabeth dau of M & A 3-1-185219y
Stonebraker, Elias S. 1831 1905 
Stonebraker, Evelin C. 18281909 
Stonebraker, Francis son of E.I. & M.J. 4-25-1893 9-14-1893 
Utterback, Anna wife of Harmon Utterback3-3-1850 37y 2m 24d 
Utterback, Moses son of H. & Anna 9-10-1840 2y 12d
Utterback, Martha dau of H. & Anna   9-22-1840 4y 1m 10d
Utterback, Mary Jane dau of H. & Anna  3-12-1850 15y 18d
Utterback, Israel  4-15-1852 23y 4m 8d
Utterback, Clo son of W. ?. & S.J. 12-24-19079-16-1916
Utterback, Elizabeth wife of Thompson7-9-17908-9-1845
Utterback, Harmon 10-9-1811 2-3-1898 
Utterback, Lois wife of Harmon1-12-1826 7-25-1883 
Utterback, George W. (two stones)3-10-1852 6-3-1926 
Utterback, Mattie D. wife of George W.4-3-1854 3-29-188025y 5d
Utterback, Louise Alice dau of G.W. & M.D. 10-16-1878 5-6-18834y 6m 20d
Utterback, Mary Belle wife of George W.11-5-1867 1948 
Utterback, John Casper Centenial 6-6-1876 6-22-1960 
Utterback, Carrie D. wife of John C.C.6-13-1881 12-25-1971 
Utterback, Vincent 3-1-18208-23-1901 
Utterback, Nancy A. 7-8-1823 1-6-1906 
Utterback, Infant of V. & N.A.  (no dates) 
Utterback, Philema Faradine dau of Vincent & N.A.  5-25-18573y 4m 28d
Utterback, Martha Ann dau of V. & N.A. 10-12-1860 14y 2m 24d
Utterback, Mary dau of V. & N.A. 5-21-1862 6y 3m 2d
Utterback, Mahala J. dau of V. & N.A. 8-29-1862 13y 3m 1d
Utterback, Olive Surilda dau of V. & N.A.  3-23-18625y
Utterback, William  3-20-1907 
Utterback, Kesiah his wife11-18-1826 7-6-1903 
Utterback, Margaret A. dau of Wm. & K. Utterback 9-19-185613y 8m 21d
Utterback, William son of Wm. & K. Utterback 10-3-18592y 2m 12d
Vaughn, Albert son of D. & E.  11-13-1873 20y 2m 17d
Vaughn, Angeline dau of Daniel & E. 11-16-1860 13y 6m 27d
Vaughn, Daniel  8-28-1864 59y 7m 16d
Vaughn, Elizabeth D. dau of D. & Eliza  9-24-1867 39y 7m 7d
Vaughn, Frances dau of D. & E. 7-1-1834 2y 4m 20d
Vaughn, Infant son of D. & E.  (no dates) 
Vaughn, Infant son of D. & E. (no dates) 
Vaughn, Lucinda dau of D. & E.  3-19-1861 26y
Wainscott, Abram  7-19-1880 41y 10m 4d
Wainscott, Susan E. 2-16-18453-26-1923 
Watts, Joseph son of J. & J. Watts 3-4-18383m 27d
Watts, Alice dau of J. & J. Watts 1-4-1839 11d
Watts, Mary dau of J. & J. Watts  11-21-1853 14d
White, Daniel  8-7-1847 63y
White, Hassidiah wife of Daniel  2-27-1841 53y
White, Martha  10-8-1878 63y 4m 20d