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Here's a collection of old family photos and of gravesites for both sides of my family. I'll try to provide a little information to relate the subjects of the photos to other members of the family. If you've surfed in and would like more information on any of these families, please drop me a line-- there's an email link at the bottom of the page. I've got at least a little bit of information on all of them.

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Two Guys- J. Guy Porter and brother-in-law Guy Slavens.
On the right is my grandfather, Guy Slavens, with his brother-in-law J. Guy Porter. The back of the photo indicates both were living in Waukee (Iowa) at the time-- although I don't know anything about Porter's life, so he may have just been visiting.

Sadie Porter.
My grandmother, Sadie Porter in 1912, possibly a "senior picture." According to the back of the card, her family's address was Montclair at that time. (Montclair is a little south and east of North Salem.)

Porter/Cook/Utterback? (Mystery photo).
This photo was in a box with a number of other photos of my grandparents, Guy and Sadie (Porter) Slavens. There's no identification, but I believe that it's my grandmother at about age 12, her mother Rosetta "Carrie" (Cook) Porter, and grandmother Louisa (Utterback) Cook. A piece of a poster used as backing in the frame apparently dates it to 1907, which would be about right for the ages of the people in the photo. Note that the grandmother appears to be missing her hands and forearms. Can anyone out there confirm that Louisa (Utterback) Cook was missing her hands late in life? When her husband Samuel died, she went to live with her son, which could be a clue that she was disabled.

Guy Slavens.
My grandfather, Guy Slavens, in 1913.

Vincent Crabb family, c. 1890's.
Vincent Crabb's widow Hesterann (Wells) and children pose for a family photo c. early 1890's in Story County, Iowa. From left, front, Martha Jennie, Hesterann, and Luna; back, William, Ruth, Everette, and Orlena Alice.

John Wells.
John Wells, brother of Hesterann Wells Crabb. He married Eliza Crabb, who was Vincent's sister. This photo and the next three courtesy of Ken Wells.

Robert Grant Wells and Agnes Wells.
Robert Grant Wells, son of John and Eliza Wells, and his wife Agnes Ann (Frew), daughter of Henry and Lucy (Helison) Frew.

Robert and Agnes Wells.
Robert and Agnes Wells, photo taken probably in the 1940's at Sutton, Nebraska.

William and Rose Wells.
William Robert and Rose Wells in a photo taken probably in the late 1940's. William was the son of Robert Wells.

Jonathan Cleverley family.
Jonathan and Jane (Owen) Cleverley and their children, c. early 1890's. The kids are, from left, Maria, James Herbert, Frank, and Mary. Yes, what your mother told you was true: Jane put her eye out as a girl when she fell while carrying scissors.

Jonathan and Jane Cleverley.
Jonathan and Jane Cleverley at their 60th wedding anniversary.

James Herbert and Orlena Cleverley.
James Herbert "Bert" Cleverley and Orlena Alice Crabb pose for a wedding photo in 1895. The bio from the 1911 Story County history book is reprinted here also.

Isaiah and Mary Ann Kimberley.
Isaiah and Mary Ann Kimberley on their 60th wedding anniversary-- note the similarity to Jonathan and Jane's anniversary photo. Could be good reason for that; Isaiah was Jane's cousin, and Mary Ann was Jonathan's sister. Thanks to "cousin" Louise Chism for sharing Jean Lengeling's photos for the Kimberely photos with me and the rest of you out there!

Isaiah Kimberley family.
Isaiah Kimberley family. Back, Bill, John, Frank, and Charles; front, Ada, George, Isaiah, Mary Ann, Ruth, and Harriet.

Thomas and Harriet (Kimberley) Swalwell.
Harriet Kimberley was the daughter of Isaiah and Mary Ann (Cleverley) Kimberley. Sorry aboutt he photo quality; it's a scan of a photocopy of a reproduction of an illustration in the reprinting 1912 Jasper County history book. Speaking of which, the bio is also reprinted on the page.

Elijah Kimberley.
Elijah Kimberley, brother of Isaiah Kimberley and uncle of Jane Owen Cleverley.

Kimberley Girls.
Ann Kimberley and Mary Kimberley Ward, daughters of Elijah and Mary (Edmonds) Kimberely, back, and Mary "Polly" Ward.

Robert and Harriet Jackson home
The home of Robert and Harriet Jackson in New York. Harriet was a sister of Isaiah and Elijah Kimberley. The woman in the photo is believed to be Harriet.

Leonard Pearce.
My grandfather Leonard Pearce.

Thetta Adah Pearce.
My great-grandmother Thetta Adah Pearce. Adah was vision-impaired since a childhood illness, and is a granddaughter of Jehu Montgomery, pictured below.

Jehu Montgomery
This is an external link to a commercial site and the photo of Jehu Montgomery of Indiana County, Penn. Jehu was the father of Nancy Montgomery, who married my gggrandfather, John Pearce. Thanks to "cousin" Karen Haskett for the link!

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