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Patti Boucher
Fall 1997


Vision Quests are sacred solitude journeys of the heart traditionally done in nature. They are taking time to slow down, be still and silent without distractions for a day or more. A Vision Quest journey is a process of going into wilderness with clear intention to connect with spirit. It is an opportunity to have wisdom come forth from inner guidance, gain clarity, and connect to mother earth. Powerful results can occur such as cleansing, healing, and answers to long sought questions. For many centuries indigenous cultures have practiced ritual and ceremony such as Vision Quests to honor rites of passage and life transitions.

Our culture is experiencing spiritual starvation. The youth are confused and seeking guidance. Many women are searching for spiritual roots and not finding them in organized religion. The Vision Quests offer a way to connect to nature and the deep self. For some the birth of a pure and authentic spirituality begins to be formed in the process of being alone in wilderness.

BodySoul Psychotherapy

Patti Boucher is located in the San Francisco Bay area. Contact her at
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What can women expect?
  • A strengthening occurs from knowing yourself better
  • A more grounded physical sense
  • Access to your inner spirit
  • Letting go of the past and facing your fears and fierceness
  • Surrender to a personal vision, gaining clarity
  • Connection with deeper life meaning

2000 Dates

September 7 - 11
For women only

Joshua Tree National Monument, CA
(3 days of solitude)

Three Stages of Vision Quests Severance
When you start to separate, leave or detach in preparation for the Vision Quest you are starting the letting go process. The simple clear intent in deciding to go on the journey begins the severance.

Transformation, healing, insights, connecting to what has heart and meaning, deep listening and soul retrieval time.

Time for paying close attention to what you will bring forth to your family, friends and community. Time to integrate what you received into your everyday life.

Pre-meeting A four-hour orientation includes literature, lists of what to bring, ritual for cultivating clear intention, a short time alone in nature, and a period of questions and answers.
Structure Five-day trip: We will carpool to destination point.

Day One
We backpack together to a base camp, where we will do ritual and ceremony, share our dreams and hopes and intentions for the Vision Quest. We will then connect with a partner and sleep in a dream circle with our heads in the center. Leader and assistant will pray and hold space sacred as they stay at base camp for any first aid, guidance or support.

Days Two-Four
Partners leave early in the morning and together find a place for your power spot to make a medicine wheel with a circle of stones. Partners will make a contract specifying when to return and what signals to give if one needs help, and then take off for 72 hours of solitude time. Time alone will be spent fasting, sitting and simply being. Instructions for personal ritual will be given at the pre-meeting.

Day Five
All return to a circle at base camp to share our stories, visions, and insights witnessed by everyone. A closing ritual and then backpack out together.