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General Description

The Hobby Cross Assembler (HXA) is a macro assembler capable of producing absolute output files in several formats. HXA is meant to be straightforward to use for simple programs, requiring little setup before assembly may begin. There are also optional features intended to make it easier to handle more advanced projects, such as the equivalent of a simple built-in linker. HXA is designed to be fairly portable between various processors, and is GPL-licensed freeware.

Variants of HXA know very much about real processors but very little about real computers. Details such as ROM routines, I/O locations and file formats must be explicitly provided in source code for each real computer HXA is required to work with. Fortunately in most cases this need only be done once and the information placed in one or more include files.

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A complete list of all changes in v0.201 can be found in the implementation documentation.

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HXA is extensively documented, but not all documentation is on-line. Links to the documents not included here won't work :( However what is here might be enough to decide whether or not HXA is for you.

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