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Web Programming

Several languages are used in producing pages for the World Wide Web.

HTML is the primary language understood by all browsers and which can be used alone to build a web site. Since HTML is basiclly a set of simple text-formatting tags, other languages have been been developed to add 'bells and whistles' to HTML pages.

Javascriptappeared in Netscape Navigator 2.0 (and above) and in Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 (and above). It is also supported by most other browsers.

Sun Microsystems developed Java -- a cross-platform language suitable for the web. There is no direct relationship between Java and Javascript except that they both can add capabilities to pure HTML pages.

CGI is not a language but a specification for the Common Gateway Interface which links client-side browsers to server-side programs. Very elaborate interactive pages can be created using CGI programs.

Perl is the language most often used for CGI scripts, particularly in UNIX environments. The Perl programming community is very helpful toward newcomers, and many excellent Perl resources are available online.

Useful Links

The Web Design Resource - Tutorials on HTML, javascript, FTP, and other information for creating web pages. Also icludes free graphics for web sites.

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