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Web Site Promotion

The best web site in the world is worthless if nobody sees it. Web site promotion and advertising are facts of life on the internet, and it is worthwhile to consider your web promotion strategy in the earliest planning stages of any site. The following resources will get you started:

Sitelaunch Promotion Guide - Webmaster - is your counter ... under-worked? Our tools & guides for small and medium-size websites will make promoting your site easy. Our goal? Soon you won't BE a small or medium-size website... (free service to public)

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Search Engines

Most browsing sessions begin by accessing a search engine or directory. If you want your pages to be seen, you will need to be listed on as many of these as possible. (See also "Searching the Web") Each service has its own procedures, but all have provisions for submitting URL's for indexing. Sites with multiple pages are further indexed by programs called 'bots. (See also "Intelligent Agents") You can save a lot of time and effort by using an online submission service. Simply enter your URL's information in an on-line form, and it is forwarded to the appropriate destination within numerous search engines. Submit It! provides excellent service, including free introductory submissions for two URL's.


Webrings are a cheap, easy way to increase your site's traffic. A third party operates the ring, which is a database of sites arranged by categories. Member sites provide a link to the databse, and visitors are referred to another site on the ring (sometimes yours!)

Before joining a webring, it is a good idea to view some of the sites in the ring. Your visitors will not be pleased if your links take them to unrelated, overly-commercial, or poorly-done sites. You can find a wide selection of web rings at WebRing.org or listed on Yahoo. A promising new sevice is RingSurf.

Click-Thru Ads

The mechanics of a click-thru ad are similar to a webring's, except the provider keeps track of the "clicks" from a site. Advertisers often pay a nominal per-link fee, but reciprocal linking arrangements are also common. One reputable provider of click-thru ads is ClickTrade - ClickTrade allows you to easily reward other Web site owners for linking to your site by setting up your own link partner program.

SAFE Audit - Host Banners on your site! - Earn money from banner advertising through SAFE Audit! Choose the advertisers and banners you think will earn the best rates. Get paid per click, per lead, or per sale.

HITS2U is a great new service that combines the features of click-thru ads and banner exchanges. click on the "CLICK HERE" space below for full details!


Banner Ad Exchange

Banner ads can be an excellent means of increasing site traffic If you have an effective banner ad. The exchange places your ad on its member sites in proportion to the number of times member ads are accessed from your site. For further information, consult:

Mark Welch's Web Site Banner Advertising site - Ad networks, brokers, exchanges, pay-per-click and pay-per-sale (commission ads, counters, trackers, software, and MUCH MORE. (Ad banners that pay.)

Cyber Saver - Banners that Pay - Banners That Pay You! Partnership programs, referral plans, Savings Opportunities, MLM plans, Free Stuff, Free drawings, Web Promotion resources.

Swap-the-Net - New fast growing banner exchange! Get 100 free impressions and an impression ratio of 70%. Banner Size is 400x40. Or join our new button-exchange. Absolute new way to advertise.

evo5DESIGNS - Made our new banner ad for free (link requested) It's a pleasure to comply. Thanks evo5 !

Award Sites

Award sites reward web-sites that meet their criteria with a cool graphic and (usually) a reciprocal link. Applying for awards is a good way to promote your site. Creating your own award might be even better. You can apply for numerous awards at once through Award-It and the Contest Network. Check out our awards!

Free Link Sites

Using <META> tags and popular keywords will get your website noticed by people who are seeking specific information using search engines, but it won't generate hits from casual "surfers" who find sites primarily by following links from one site to another. You must cultivate links from other websites to reach these people.

The best way to do this is to have such great content that webmasters who see your page will want to link to it to improve their own sites, but how do you "prime the pump"? One way is through reciprocal link agreements or free links pages.

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