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USENET is a world-wide distributed discussion medium. It is not an organization, either public or private, but it does operate according to certain rules. The rules are scattered throughout the Usenet community in ways that baffle even the initiated. Periodically attempts are made to summarize these rules as an aid to new users. This is such a summary.

Most of the Usenet rules of conduct are a matter of simple courtesy. Be aware that postings to newsgroups are public. A posting has the potential to be viewed by millions of people world-wide, so think before you post. Nobody wants to waste their time reading trivial, repetitive, or off-topic posts. Violators will be flamed.

Take the time to learn about newsgroups in general and the specific group where you intend to post. Read the existing posts and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) before publishing your question or comment. "Lurk before you leap."

If you are new to Usenet, or if you have a Usenet-related question can usually supply the answer. You can also find some very useful descriptions of newsgroup content at

What if your ISP doesn't provide newsgroups, or doesn't provide the specific newsgroup you're looking for? Try Quicknews for a wide selection of usenet newsgroups in HTML form.

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