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A good website is always a work in progress, and The Whole Ed Catalog is no exception. We are constantly adding to our content and improving our presentation. We therefore have material that is not yet included in our "finished" pages. At present, we have no shortage of space on our server, so we are including various links, files, and images here. The contents of this section range from nearly completed pages to the barest of outlines. This material will either appear on the site proper or be replaced by similar material we feel is even better, but we hope you will find it interesting and useful "as is".

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Our Bookstore is undergoing a major expansion and restructuring to bring you a greatly expanded selection and easier access. At present, many links are empty, but but we are adding new books "daily".


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Loompanics Press At

Loompanics is a small publisher and bookstore specializing in odd, hard-to-find, and downright strange books with a libertarian / anarchist slant. They feature a disclaimer to the effect that their books are sold "for information purposes only" with good reason. Actually carrying out the plans and procedures in many of these books would be illegal in most states. On the other hand there are legitimate reasons for having this information. Most police organizations would do well to stock up on these titles for instance. Subjects that are covered include cultivation and manufacture of illegal drugs, identy theft and identity falsification, various frauds and scams, lock-picking and safe-cracking, alarm deactivation, improvised weapons and munitions, and computer security and hacking to name a few.

They also publish a lot of less controversial titles involving recycling, homesteading, space exploration, politics and such, which although they may not be completely doctrinaire are not illegal -- or at least not yet. If you liked "The Anarchist's Handbook" you'll like Loompanics. If not, you may find it interesting just to browse around. Plenty of titles here for book-banning or burning!

Loompanics Press Home site
Loompanics Links

Paladin Press

Delta Press

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