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Start right with thes internet classics. Here are the books you wish you'd had when you first logged on, with links to online texts and/or additional resources. Add this page to your bookmarks/favorites!

Cover Art The Whole Internet for Windows 95: User's Guide & Catalog
Indispensible advice on connecting to the Internet including: Modem Installation, Choosing an IAP, Intro to World Wide Web, E-Mail, Newsgroups, and less-known internet services such as FTP, WAIS, Gopher, and Archie. If you are connecting for the first time, you should have this book nearby. Also available: Non_Win95_ed.

Ferguson, Paula and Ed Krol. The Whole Internet for Windows 95: User's Guide and Catalog New York: O'Reilly and Associates, 1995.

The New Hackers Dictionary

The "hacking" here has nothing to do with cyber-terrorism or breaches of computer security. This compendium of hackish culture -- originally known as the jargon file -- explains the mysterious (and funny) world of the computer-weenie from ABEND to Zorkmid. Browse TNHD Online.

Raymond, Eric S. (compiler) The New Hacker's Dictionary Cambridge, MA: M.I.T. Press, 1996.
Cover Art

Cover Art Netiquette

Virginia Shea's often-cited work on network courtesy is required reading. Our internet is better when we respect other users. This small handbook of 'uncommon sense' guidelines can save you from a 'newbie' blunder in cyberspace, and improve your internet experience. Browse Netiquette Online, or order from our bookstore.

Shea, Virginia. Netiquette San Francisco: Albion Books , 1994.

Windows 95 Annoyances

Having trouble with Windows 95? If your system isn't Plug & Play compatible you probably will sooner or later. This book contains the life-saving patches, work-arounds, third-party programs, undocumented features and other miracles to get you back on line. A supplementary website maintains updates. This is *not* Microsoft Technical Support!

Karp, David A. Windows_95_Annoyances New York: O'Reilly & Associates, 1997.
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Beginners Central - A tutorial for new internet users, written in a language anyone can understand.

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