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Baldur's Gate the latest and greatest Advanced Dungeons & Dragons® game in the TSR ® Forgotten Realms® campaign system. This huge (nearly 10,000 scrolling game screens rendered in lush 16-bit SVGA graphics) non-linear game world comes on five CD-ROMs. For a full description of the game with actual action sequences download the Baldur's Gate Preview.

The game is fully compatible with the pen-and-paper version of the game, and all die rolls are displayed, but since all dungeonmaster functions are performed by the computer, knowledge of the AD&D® gaming system is not required. (For a brief description of the AD&D® rules download the Fast-Play Game.)

Interplay's Baldur's Gate website is the definitive source for further game details, a large collection of screen shots from the game, FAQ's, news, downloads, and more.

There is also a site site for the expansion set, Tales of the Sword Coast featuring updated release news, FAQ's and assorted screen shots. The expansion pack is currently scheduled for release in spring 1999.

The game was developed by BioWare, using their infinity engine with the game-design help of Interplay's Black Isle division. A Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) for Baldur's Gate is available online at HEAT.NET


Baldur's Gate® Tavern - 3 separate forums and chatrooms : The Backroom, Developer's Corner, and The Bard's Table

Tales of the Sword Coast® Discussion Board

Usenet - If you are new to usenet PLEASE Read the FAQ


Baldur's Gate® preview           (BGATENID.EXE - 32.5 Mb)

Dungeons & Dragons® ® Fast-Play Game    (ADND_Fast_Play.pdf - 634K)
(Fast-Play Game requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later.)

Baldur's Gate®  comic book   (BGCOMIC.ZIP - 1.9 Mb)

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