... There, in the long forgotten alcove, you see a battered oil lamp, dried up ages ago, and an alabaster pedestal upon which rests a worm-eaten leatherbound tome. Your heart races as you examine the musty volume and realize that it is the fabled library of Kong-Ratz. Within it's pages lie powerful spells that enable the bearer to summon any of the arcane lore of the great wizard's long-hidden library simply by expending a few Zorkmids (the physical component of the spell)


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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons® is the original and still by far the most popular fantasy role playing game from TSR®. Players simulate encounters between a party of one or more adventurers and various monsters and non-player characters (NPC's) in a variety of fantastic "worlds". The basic idea is simple enough that a beginner can enjoy the game with only a brief orientation, but the details have grown to produce a rich and complex gaming system that remains fascinating and new to players who are veterans of many years of campaigning. If you are unfamiliar with the AD&D® system, download the Fast-Start Game.

The following is a partial listing of the AD&D materials available from Amazon.com. Although most are currently out of print (dusty & arcane) you may still order these online from third-pary vendors, just read more about them, or write an online review and share your thoughts about them with others. You will NOT have much luck locating these with the Amazon "search" function.

The Core Rules CD-ROM contains searchable online versions of nine complete AD&D manuals, plus utilities for creating custom characters, spells, races, items, treasures, NPC's, and encounters to include in your campaigns. Also included are two mapping utilities : Map Maker for quick, easy maps and the powerful and versatile Campaign Mapper tool from the makers of Campaign Cartographer 2.

AD&D® Core Rules CD-ROM ver 2.0

The AD&D® Core Rules Expansion CD-ROM ver 2.0 contains upgrades to the original Core rules CD as well as new material including custom character classes, 150 custom character kits, improved map generation, and multiple NPC group support. It also includes full indexed hypertext versions of the eleven Comlpete Handbooks below:

The AD&D® Core Rules Expansion CD-ROM ver 2.0
"Complete ... Handbook" Series (Player's Handbooks & Rules Supplements)
(These were left out of the expansion CD-ROM, and may be discontinued! Adventures - These Adventures can be played as is, or taken as a starting point for your own custom campaigns.

Forgotten Realms Planescape Greyhawk Ravenloft Odyssey Monstrous Arcana RPGA Assorted Adventures - (Please e-mail webmaster to identify the world or sytem these adventures belong in.) Accessories - vary in content, but all can enrich your campaigns. Click on each item for details:

Ravenloft Forgotten Realms Planescape Birthright Monstrous Arcana Encyclopedia Magica Wizard's Spell Compendium Assorted Campaign Supplements

Search Amazon.com for more AD&D® Books See our Baldur's Gate® page.


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Sadly, most of these downloads have been removed, but we're leaving the reviews up for a while "just in case."

(These four Dungeons & Dragons® games require Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later.)

Crypt of the Smoke Dragon (Jeff Grubb, level 1) A simple dungeon, suitable for inclusion in a larger campaign. The scenario assumes no prior knowledge of AD&D® and includes a lot of step-by-step instructions to the DM. Excellent as an introduction. OK as a module. (SD_Fast_Play.pdf 2.08Mb)

Palace of the Silver Princess (Jean Wells Levels 1-3)(SilverPrincess.pdf 2.26Mb )

(zip files must be expanded using a file compression utility such as freezip.)

DungeonLand (Gary Gygax) - An entertaining scenario based (strangely enough) on Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland. But watch out - this white rabbit has teeth! (dungeonland.zip 1.3Mb zip)

The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror (Gary Gygax levels 9-12) Loosely based on Through the Looking-Glass, this module features art by Larry Elmore and Jim Holloway.   (magicmirror.zip 2.3 Mb zip)

Download The Comlete Book of Necromancers patch.
(Requires Core Rules Expansion CD)

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