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Off-Campus Degrees

You can earn fully accreditted college degrees with little or no campus residence requirement using a variety of credit-earning options, such as credit for life experience, credit by examination, distance education, correspondence courses, telecourses, computer based training, and guided study.

Most state-funded colleges have at least some off-campus programs. Since in-state tuitions are lower, you should check your own state of residences' offerings first. These programs are not heavily publicized, but you should be able to find some information on your local college's web site. See our ScholarStuff pages for state by state links.

Campus-Free College Degrees is a compact guide to all but perhaps a few accreditted off-campus degree programs with references to further information. Few states offer a large number of degrees, but if a nearby college has a degree in your field or intended major, you should find it here. Relatively few web-based references are included. (See "Correspondence Classes").

Thorsen, Marcie Kisner, M.A. Campus-Free College Degrees 7th ed. Holbrook, MA: Adams Media Corp., 1996

Colleges With Large Off-Campus Programs

Thomas Edison State College (New Jersey) -

Offers over 50 Associates Degrees in 6 categories, 90 Bachelor's Degrees in 5 categories, as well as certificate and Master's programs. Grants credit for online, guided study, life experience, correspondence, and examination. Administers TECEP Examinations.

New York Regents College (New York) -

Numerous Degrees available in Business, Liberal Arts, Nursing, and Technology Full catalogs available for download. Originated RCE (ACT-PEP) Examinations, and administers them in-state.

Empire State College (New York) -

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