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DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support) offers credit by examination via a group of standardized tests developed for the voluntary education programs of the U.S. Armed Forces which have now been made available for civilian use. The civilian tests was originaaly administered by the Chauncey Group International, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Educational Testing Service which was aquired by Thompson Prometric in 2004.

I'm not a big fan of federal bureaucracy, but I've got to say the Department of Defense did a much better job of administering this program than the current stewards. I'd advise you to think twice before purchasing any optional gee-gaws from them. Good luck finding the appropriate information on their sites, since they move it regularly like a demented grocer determined to lure you into impulse purchases by making you look all over the store for plums. As of this update, civilian testing is administered by Thompson Prometric.

The American Council on Education (ACE) publishes an overview of the DSSTs with their current recommendations for passing scores. The DSST Study Guide is another useful resource, but be aware that it provides full coverage for only 8 of the 37 tests. (Mostly in business.)

Active duty military personnel may also find Servicemember's Guide to a College Degree very useful.

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Study guides for currently available college-credit DANTES exams are available through the following links:

DSSTNumber DSST Name

DSST SF-424, SG-424

DANTES - Introductory College Algebra - DSST
DSST SE-450 DANTES - Principles of Statistics - DSST
DSST SE-461 DANTES - Art of the Western World - DSST
DSST SE-465 DANTES - Contemporary Western Europe- DSST
DSST SE-469 DANTES - Introduction to the Modern Middle East - DSST
DSST SF-470, SG-470 DANTES - Human / Cultural Geography - DSST
DSST SE 471 DANTES - Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union - DSST
DSST SF 473 DANTES - A History of the Vietnam War - DSST
DSST SF 474 DANTES - Ethics in America - DSST
DSST SE 483, SF 483 DANTES - The Civil War and Reconstruction - DSST
DSST SE 489 DANTES - Foundations of Education - DSST
DSST SF 490, SG 490 DANTES - Lifespan Developmental Psychology - DSST
DSST SF 494 DANTES - General Anthropology - DSST
DSST SE 495 DANTES - Drug and Alcohol Abuse - DSST
DSST SE 496 DANTES - Introduction to World Religions - DSST
DSST SG 497 DANTES - Introduction to Law Enforcement - DSST
SG 498
DANTES - Criminal Justice - DSST
DSST SF 500 DANTES - Astronomy - DSST
DSST SF 508 DANTES - Here's to Your Health - DSST
DSST SF 511, SG 511 DANTES - Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet - DSST
DSST SE 512 DANTES - Principles of Physical Science I - DSST
DSST SF 519 DANTES - Physical Geology - DSST
DSST SF 524 DANTES - Principles of Finance - DSST
DSST SF 525 DANTES - Principles of Financial Accounting - DSST
DSST SF 530 DANTES - Personnel / Human Resource Management - DSST
DSST SF 531, SG 531 DANTES - Organizational Behavior - DSST
DSST SE-532, SF-532 DANTES - Principles of Supervision - DSST
DSST SE 534 DANTES - Business Law II - DSST
DSST SF 536 DANTES - Introduction to Computers - DSST
SF 543
DANTES - Introduction to Business - DSST
DSST SG 548, SH 548 DANTES - Money and Banking - DSST
DSST SE 550 DANTES - Personal Finance - DSST
DSST SE 551 DANTES - Management Information Systems - DSST
DSST SG 562, SH 562 DANTES - Fundamentals of Counseling - DSST
DSST SF 812 DANTES - Business Mathematics - DSST
DSST SE 821-6 DANTES - Principles of Public Speaking - DSST
DSST SF 820, SG 820 DANTES - Technical Writing - DSST