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Personal Finance - Credit by Examination - DANTES

Earn three college semester hours credit in "Personal Finance" by passing DANTES examination SE-550 with a recommended minimum score of 50% using this study guide:

  1. Begin your study by downloading the official Fact Sheet for this exam. (If Thompson Prometric has moved these (again) try here.

  2. Assess your current readiness for the exam by reviewing the Content section and answering the sample questions.

  3. Obtain materials to improve your skills in areas where you need additional study from among the following:

  4. One or more of the texts from the Reference Publications section of the fact sheet, or other suitable textbook.

  5. You may wish to use the DSST: Official Test-Preparation Guide , which features good coverage of this exam and seven others and/or the DANTES SeriesPersonal Finance Guide. (See "rudman.html" first.)

  6. Our Bookstore features additional Personal Finance titles, which may be cheaper and easier to use than the "official" texts.

  7. When you are ready, schedule an examination:

    • Active duty (U.S.) military personnel contact your command DANTES office.
    • National Guard and Reserve personnel may also be eligible for assistance.
    • Others contact the College or University administering the test.

DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support) offers credit by examination via a group of standardized tests developed for the voluntary education programs of the U.S. Armed Forces which have now been made available for civilian use. The civilian tests are administered by the Chauncey Group International , a wholly owned subsidiary of the Educational Testing Service.

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The bibliography below is based on the suggested preparation readings for the DANTES tests. It has been updated from the original recommendations with respect to current editions and changes of publisher so far as is practicable.