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Credit by Examination - CLEP

The College Level Examination Program ( CLEP ) is administered by The College Board, which also administers the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). There are currently some 2900 colleges and universities that grant credit based on CLEP exams. Each institution sets its own policy regarding CLEP credit, so you should check with the school you plan to attend for details.

Brief test descriptions for these exams are available online, but more detail can be found in The CLEP Official Study Guide 16th ed.

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A variety of detailed study guides are also available to help you prepare for the various CLEP examinations:

Comprehensive Guides

Most students find it helpful to use more than one guide in preparing for CLEP exams, so it's a good idea to start with one or more of these comprehensive guides. They will help you to determine which tests you may be ready for, and which ones will require further preparation.

  • CLEP Official Study Guide 16th Ed ( College Board )
    Generally recognized as the best source of practice exams and questions, and unquestionably a better deal than the individual test outlines the College Board sells at $10 /ea. Worthwhile. Includes CD.

  • Cracking the CLEP 4th ed. (Princeton Review)
    This is one of our more popular titles, although that may be because offers it in combination with several other books. Many people find the explanations of the practice exam answeres especially helpful as well as the introductory test-taking hints. Not updated as frequently as some others, but the tests don't really change much from year to year either.

  • The Best Test Prep for the CLEP General Exams w/ CD (REA)
  • The Best Review for the CLEP: Featuring Computer-Based Tests (REA)
    Many people prefer the REA Guides over those of other publishers, but of course, that is a matter of opinion. Don't confuse their "Review" titles with their more comprehensive "Test Prep" titles.

  • Peterson's CLEP Success 2006 (Peterson's)
    Peterson's is one of the best-known names in the college-prep business, largely because of their Peterson's Guide to Colleges. Their CLEP Success series gets great reviews, although it isn't as popular as some other books.

General Examinations

Until fairly recently, general exams were available which offered more credit per exam, but weren't considered to be equivalent to specific college courses. These general exams are no longer available, but the review materials for them are still very helpful.

Composition and Literature Foreign Languages History and Social Sciences Science and Mathematics Business

CLEP Human Growth & Development w/ CD