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Credit by Examination - Regents College Examinations (ACT-PEP)

New York Regents College (Now Excelsior College) offered a series of 40 college-level examinations used by more than 900 colleges in the U.S. to award credit by examination or advanced placement. These tests were formerly administered by A.C.T. and are sometimes referred to as ACT-PEP.

The study guides for these courses are buried somewhere in the Excelsior College site guarded by passwords and surrounded by copyright notices, so we can no longer even link to them here. However, they are "freely" available from the College, and can be obtained by:

  • Mailing a request to:
    Content Guides
    Excelsior College
    7 Columbia Circle
    Albany, NY 12203-5159

  • Fax: (518)-464-8777

  • Email: testadmn@excelsior.edu
  • If you would like to talk to a machine long-distance, you can request these guides from the Regents College Materials Request Line at 518-464-8500 and at the automated greeting, press 1-2. Maybe. I didn't try this one.

    These documents are available for personal use in .pdf format by drilling down to and logging on at the Excelsior College Web Site "Log In" button in the upper right corner of their home page

    After submitting to a pretty invasive registration (includes social security number) you will be able to log on and download the course outlines.

    Of all the credit by examination programs we've reviewed this is the most expensive and least user-friendly. However, they do feature some Associate and Baccalaureate nursing exams which are not available elsewhere. On the other hand, nursing programs can be very particular about accepting transfer credit, so check with your college or university before getting too far ahead of yourself. Corpsmen / Medics may find a lot of this material easy, and if DANTES is paying for it, who cares what it costs?