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The Common Gateway Interface (CGI), is a standard for passing data between HTML pages and server-side programs, called CGI scripts. ( CGI Specification ) These scripts are traditionally stored in the "cgi-bin" directory, although they need not be binaries. CGI scripts may be written in virtually any language and they are most often written in PERL, or C/C++.

Cover Art CGI/Perl Cookbook Book & CD

Herein lie detailed explanations of the popular Matt's_Script_Archive CGI scripts. This is the perfect companion to "the camel book" if you are learning CGI/Perl programming. The clear, commented source code is both functional and practical, and the text is entertaining as well as instructive. Webmasters developing interactive content need this book!

Craig Patchett, Matthew Wright CGI/Perl Cookbook New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1997.

CGI: Internet Programming with C++ and C

If you are a C++ programmer, this might be a better introduction to CGI for you. A wide variety of programs with increasing complexity illustrate the use of C/C++ in web publishing. Your interactive content will scream when compiled and stored on your server.

Mark Felton CGI: Internet Programming with C++ and C Englewood Cliffs, NJ:Prentice Hall, 1997.
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Some Useful CGI Links:

CGI Made Really Easy is an excellent tutorial on basic CGI. If you are already familliar with C or Perl, this may be all you need to get your first CGI programs up and running. If not, this tutorial will at least provide an overview of CGI programming basics.

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Web Developer's Virtual Library CGI page.

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