Red Algae


Kingdom Chromista - Phylum Rhodophyta

98% of the species of red algae are found in the marine environment with many in deep water.

Photosynthetic Pigments: Chlorophyll a, d + phycobilins

Cell Walls: Cellulose, agar and carrageenan.

Agar is the medium used to coat the bottom of a collection plate used for microbial cultures.

Carrageenan is used to make ice cream, eggnogs, frostings and creamed soup among other things.

Red algae are also used in food products. Types of red algae include coralline algae (shown below) which has a type of armor coating from deposits of calcium carbonate in their cell walls and Porphyra which looks like a sheet of red plastic. In deep waters, these red algae absorbs every other color but red because there is no color red in the deep.

Red Algae - coralline algae

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