The cyanobacteria is also known as blue - green algae. It is a bacteria that looks like algae. Cyanobacteria was the first known photosynthetic organsims on Earth.

Some are nitrogen fixers. These nitrogen fixers take nitrogen forms that are not available for plants and change them to what is available for them. to grow in both soil and water. Cyanobacteria are photosynthetic and can manufacture their own food.

The cyanobacteria sometimes grows in dense mats of filaments. In Sharks Bay - Baja, California these dense mats form stromatolites. Stromatolites look almost like large rocks. They grow by layer sediments one on top of another till the resemble rocks loking somewhat like elephant feet.

Any large growth of cyanobacteria can cause what is known as a red tide that actually changes the color of the water. Unlike dinoflagellates, these red tides are not harmful. Biologists can tell a lot about our ocean by these effects of red tide.

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