Chuck Box Kitchen

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This Chuck Box Kitchen is one that has evolved over many years of camping.
The shelves on each end are removable and store inside the middle section. They can be be used to support many different camp stoves. These end shelves can be mounted upside down or as shown.
The table/work surfaces on the front and back fold down and the supports are stored on top of the box along with the legs.  There are two drawers for storage of small items.  

The  material shown is mostly pine or spruce except for the fold down table surfaces, drawer bottoms and  part of the leg and table support holder on top of the box which are 3/16"  plywood. 
Dado joints and rabbit joints are used to improve surface contact and strength for glue joints. Most of the material is planed to 1/2" thick, to reduce weight.  The front and back table/work surface is attached to the box with a full length hinge.
Truck latches are used to fasten the fold down table work/surfaces and top storage rack for the table supports and legs. Bolts with wing nuts are used to attach the table supports to the legs and also to attach the shelves on each end. 
Steel "D" ring handles were added to each end to provide a way to carry the finished box. When the box is bolted together as shown the entire assembly can be picked up and moved.

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