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These first examples are simple shockwave animations created in Macromedia Director for one of my college courses. The exercises where designed to see if we had grasped certain animation concepts.

Screen Capture of Fly Away Shockwave Movie

~ Fly Away ~
Colored balls fly off into the distance.
View Movie (320x240 pixels, 13k)

Screen Capture of Wormhol Shockwave Movie

~ Wormhole ~
Going in and Coming out
View Movie (320x240 pixels, 24k)

Screen Capture of Bounce Shockwave Movie

~ Bounce ~
Random sized balls bouncing around and off each other.
View Movie (640x480 pixels 12k)

Screen Capture of Paddle Shockwave Movie

~ Paddle ~
A simple pong-like animation.
View Movie (640x480 pixels, 16k)

Screen Capture of first Paris Hill Shockwave Movie

A short interactive slide show containing images of some of the historic sites where I live.
Includes sounds of the country.
View Movie (640x480 pixels, 622k)

SScreen Capture of Second Paris Hill Shockwave Movie

A second little movie about the sites of Paris Hill.
This one shows the locations of the sites shown in the movie above. Hover your mouse over the pins in the map and a picture of that location pops up.
View Movie (640x480 pixels, 268k)

This next movie, created with Macromedia Director, is a game I called "Wormy". It was done as the final project in my college course. (The same course that the above movies were created for.) The game is easy to play and, I've been told, a bit addicting.

This program contains all original graphics created by me using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other software. It also contains over 1000 lines of Lingo code that make it work. (Lingo is a simple BASIC like language used in Macromedia Director)

Important note: The game seems to loose focus in Mozilla Browsers, such as FireFox and Netscape, when the room changes. This causes the keyboard controls to stop working until the mouse is clicked within the game window. This error does not occur in Microsoft IE. I have checked the programming and it is not an error in the code (at least not one that I can find). I have to assume that it is something specific to Mozilla.

Screen Capture of Wormy Game/Shockwave Movie

~ Wormy ~
View/Play Game (640x480 pixels, 533k)

This next animations was created for the splash page of a web site created in another of my college courses. This one is in use on the businesses web site at

Screen Capture of Second Boulevard Trailers Shockwave Movie

View Movie (320x240 pixels, 112k)

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