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Screen Capture of Magical Fire Web Site Mordakhan's Magical Fire Screen Capture of Web Site
Completed: 6 December 2005

This site was created as part of one of my college courses. For this project I had to create a Web site, graphics, and a Flash animation for a fictitious product. At the same time there were certain skills that I was required to use in creating the three items to show that I had mastered some of the basic concepts and tools.

I incorporated everything into a small, five page site.

Most of the images and all of the Flash animations are original work, with the following exceptions: (1) The bird incorporated into the main Flash animation. (2) The tree trunk in the main Flash animation, though this was a grayscale line drawing that required significant editing in Photoshop. (3) The magician in the logo is actually modeled on Orko, a character from the 80s cartoon, He-man and the Masters of the Universe.

There is a lot of flash and large graphic files in this one. If your on a slow connection you should allow the animation on the splash page to fully load before clicking the start button or it may hiccup once or twice.

This is a single page site that I did to submit to CSS Zen Garden. The idea is to take their HTML page and modify it only by modifying its external CSS Style Sheet. I never heard back from the site about my submission. I could tell you why I think this is... but, it really didn't matter to me if my submission was actually accepted or not. This is because, for me, that was not the reason that I tried my hand at this exercise. I did it to gain a better understanding of what can be done using only CSS for page layout and how it can be used to separate content from design. I accomplished my goal and learned a lot from the exercise.

The site works fine in Mozilla based Browsers such as FireFox and Netscape. However, Microsoft's IE does not fix the stars in place so they scroll off the top of the page. (Someday all browsers will interpret CSS according to the specifications... or is that just a dream?)

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