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Below are just a couple of fonts that were created by me when I was experimenting with font design. These fonts are freeware. For all the legal information on my fonts please see the Fonts Terms of Use page.

Example Image of Splats True Type Font

I was creating a banner for a paint ball site and did a search for a font like this one. I didn't find it so I created Splats. This font contains all of the keyboard characters as well as several extra splats (use character map to insert them). Great for use in headings. Best for use in a graphics program where the letters will be manipulated as in the above example. Not very useful for small text.

(pronounced: "mostly oh's", like "Cheerios")
Example Image of Mostlios True Type Font

While doodling I took a small "O" and cut it in half and quarters. I then used the pieces (arcs) in as many of the other letters as I could. Because of the use of the "O" pieces I named the font Mostlios. This font has all of the keyboard characters and works equally well in small and large sizes. Some of the detail may be lost at extremely small font sizes.

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