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Screen Capture of Pink Panther Flash Animation

Created for a college course on Multimedia. In this project we were required to show that we had mastered some of the basic animation techniques in Macromedia Flash. Other than this, we were free to do whatever we wanted and were told to "have fun". This animation is the result.

This is a large file that contains many graphics and sound files, it may skip if you are on a slow connection. To avoid skips wait for most of the file to load before clicking the start button.

Please note that only a portion of the images in this file were created by myself. Most of the graphics are royalty free images that I edited for use in in the animation.

View Movie (550x400 pixels, 662k)
Screen Capture of Mordakhan's Magical Fire Flash Animation

This animation was created for the same college courses as the one above. For this project I was required to create a Web site, a graphic, and a Flash animation for a fictitious product. At the same time there were certain skills that I was required to use in creating the three items in order show that I had mastered some of the basic concepts and tools.

I incorporated everything into a small, five page site. You can view just the animation, or if you'd like, you can take a look at The full site.

View Animation (550x450 pixels, 931k)
Screen Capture of Hamster Dance Flash Animation

I created this for my daughter. She used to drive me crazy visiting the Hamster Dance Web site. I thought, now that she's older, I could return the favor. I don't know how long this one will remain on my site. Enjoy it while it lasts, if you can; it can be quite annoying.

The only image I created was the frame. The critter images were animated GIF's that I took apart so that I could reanimate them as I wanted in Flash.

View Movie (648x486 pixels, 136k)

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