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Screen Capture of Boulevard Trailers Web Site Boulevard Trailers Inc. Screen Capture of Web Site
Completed: 8 December 2004

This site was created as part of one of my college courses. For this project my group was chosen to create a web site for a local company.

I don't know how much experience you've had with group projects in college, but generally one person ends up doing most, if not all, of the work. I acted as the project manager and did most of this site on my own. The Javascript on the site was done by one of the other students. I created the site design and layout, created or edited all of the graphics and animations, and did all of the HTML and CSS work. I also consulted with the client throughout the process.

I received an "A" for my efforts on this site, but that is not as important as the fact that the client was quite happy with the project and he received positive comments about the new site from both his customers and suppliers.

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