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Burning Blades

These look best on a dark or black background like the one I used here (if you have CSS turned on). Please note that the background is not my work. The images used for these animated GIF's are not my own work. The sword and flame graphics were supplied by others and I edited them and put together the animations.
Originally created for a role playing site (many years ago).

Floating Chain image of floating chain
shown at reduced size
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The chain appears to float up and down on the page. I created this one for my original web site when I was creating cheesier sites in the early 1990s. It did created an interesting effect on the starry, space background I used at the time.

Construction Barrier image of construction barrier
shown at reduced size
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An animated construction barrier that appears to revolve (like a barber's pole). this is another one of those graphics I created for my original web site years ago. It does work well for getting a visitors attention.

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