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Welcome to my Online Portfolio.

This Website is not longer current. It remains due to the fact that there are many links pointing to this site due to some of the items available for download for free. Please visit W3 Teck

Everything in this portfolio, unless otherwise indicated, is original work created by myself, John A. Huebner II. To view my work simply click on one of the category links at the left.

Most of what is included is recent work. I have been creating Web sites and graphics for the Web as a hobby since some time in the early 90s. It is only recently that I have seriously pursued a career in the field and, unfortunately, very little of my earlier work still survives.

While the main topic of this site is my Portfolio, I do offer some design services. For a limited time I am offering these services for free. That's right, free website, logo, and graphic design. For more details on these services and what I am offering for free, please see my Design Services page.

Some of the graphics in the portfolio are free for the taking. All that I ask in return for your use of any of my work is a link back to this site. Please do not link directly to the files on my web site. Instead, download them and place them on your own site.

Anything that is not available for use will be clearly marked as such. Graphics are altered, usually with the word "Sample" placed across them so that they are unusable. Obviously, web sites belonging to others are not available for use by the general public.

If you have any questions or comments about this site or my work, please feel free to Contact me at .

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