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The original Grav-Ball board game was published by FASA in 1982. The I.G.B.A. re-wrote the original rulebook and create a league in 1984 which continued play for almost 13 years.

Visit the Grav-Ball page at for more information on the game, or to try to find a copy (we don't have any extra). You can also contact us at the address below for more information on our league and rules.

I.G.B.A. News

New Group Online

Another group interested in Grav-Ball is being formed online.
They will be playing with a more campaign-oriented set of rules, which should prove very exciting.
They have purchased the domain name Check in there for updates.

New Season Postponed Indefinitely

Earlier rumors about a new I.G.B.A. season have proven to be unfounded. The Boston Stranglers were unable to generate enough local interest to return to the League, and the investors of the new Dublin franchise backed out. The remaining five franchises were unable to agree on the schedule format for a new season or on the suitability of other potential franchises, and have decided to remain on hiatus for now.

Stay tuned for more news as it happens.

1997 news

1997 I.G.B.A. Franchises

Standings and Results

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