Don Solo

Solo was adopted from the Pennsylvania Chapter of the House Rabbit Society in 1996 after Black made a trip to their shelter and met him. He was our first contact with HRS, and one of the reasons we later decided to become volunteer fosterers ourselves.

He was the most mellow bunny I've ever seen, and was sometimes called "Don Solo" because of his regal bearing. He was also a bit on the rotund side, but he was known to occasionally get himself running through our house.

He was also very good about being picked up and "tranced", as in the second photo (presumably taken shortly before his nails were clipped).

After his beloved Black Bunny passed away in 1999, he was introduced to our HRS Foster bunny, Abby, and took care of her until she also passed away, in May 2001.

Afterward, Solo enjoyed a swinging bachelor lifestyle with his roommate, Milo, an HRS sanctuary bunny. Later, Solo and Milo were joined by Smokey, who moved in with them after his beloved Grey Bunny passed away in July of 2002.

Solo died on June 17th 2003, in the company of Milo and Smokey. We think that he was about 10 years old. He had lost most use of his rear legs in his later months, but was still occasionally able to use the ramp to reach the second floor of his Rabbitat. He had recently had his incisors removed due to damage, and had developed a jaw abcess. He also had kidney problems due to calcification. Despite all of this, he always remained a very friendly and happy bunny and is dearly missed by his rabbit and human families.

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