Smokey Bunny

Smokey and Lily were the first two bunnies we fostered for the New Jersey Chapter of the House Rabbit Society. They joined us in October or November of 1996.

His previous owners had turned him and his brother Jasper in to a shelter because they had gotten too big (I think they actually hit puberty and began to fight). We took Smokey and Lily from that shelter, and Jasper went to the main HRS Shelter, as these three bunnies were all due to be euthanized soon.

While he was in our home (and after he was neutered) he met our Grey Bunny. Since they got along so well after a short bonding period, we decided to adopt him into our bunny family.

Smokey was a most aloof bunny, and much preferred the company of Grey to that of people. He only suffered being picked up after a lot of argument. Unfortunately, his beloved Grey bunny passed away July 15th 2002. Shortly thereafter, he joined Solo and Milo in their swinging bachelor pad. The three of them got along splendidly during the short time that they lived together. Solo passed away on June 17th of 2003 and Milo passed away that December. After Milo's death, Smokey seemed depressed and lonely. We introduced him to our Creamy, but they never got along together well enough to make that a permanent arrangement.

Smokey passed away on Wednesday May 19th 2004, just a couple hours after a vet visit. We miss him terribly, but are happy that he made so many bunny friends during his time with us.

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