Silver Bunny

Silver and Scarlett were rescued from an animal shelter in Passaic, NJ in 1997.

Silver was a beautiful white bunny with silver fur on his nose, ears and tail. He was found as a stray before being turned in to the Passaic shelter.

He was very personable, and loved to be pet on his head between his ears. He begged madly for vegetables, and also loved to eat lots of hay.

In December 1997, we attempted to bond him with our fiercest bunny, The Creamy Monster. Surprisingly enough, Creamy was submissive toward him, and after Silver calmed down a little from his initial enthusiastic affections, they were finally bonded enough for Silver to live full time in Creamy's home.

Silver enjoyed his short time as a house rabbit, living with Creamy and exploring our home. Sadly, he passed away in October 2002 at the Penn Vet Hospital, suffering from kidney problems.

(c) 2002 MWG