Sandy Bunny

Sandy was our first adopted bunny, although we did not get her from a shelter. Instead, we got her by responding to a post on the internet in 1995 about someone who had a bunny in a tiny hutch in their backyard. It was their daughter's bunny, but she had gone away to college. We don't know how old she was, but figure she was maybe 3 years old when we got her home.

We were happy to get her home and inside (winter was coming). Her leg muscles were very weak from lack of use, but she mostly recovered from that over time after getting some exercise. The second picture shows her jumping up onto a couch.

Sandy was known as the Love Bunny (or simply "Love"), as her favorite activity was laying down next to somone and getting noserubs for hours on end. She was also quite fond of parsley, and could gobble whole bunches of it in mere seconds.

Sandy passed away at the vet office on November 30th 2001. For the last couple months of her life, her leg problems came back to haunt her, as she developed arthritis in her hips and lost use of her rear legs. She was always one of my favorite bunnies, and seemed to like humans much more than she liked other rabbits.

(c) 2001 MWG