Creamy Bunny

The Creamy Monster was purchased in 1994 from the same pet store as Grey and Black. She had been in the store a long time, and was reduced in price to only $9. We feared that she was going to be snake food, so we took her home.

While it breaks our hearts to see other poor bunnies in these stores, Creamy was the last pet store bunny we'll buy. Instead, we recommend that rabbits be adopted from the House Rabbit Society or from your local shelters.

This lovely creature was known as "The Creamy Monster" because she had an attitude that let you know immediately that she gave the orders. While not exactly up to the high standards of Dana's Maggie, Creamy was one bunny you did not want to mess with. Note the remnants of an innocent cardboard box surrounding her feet. Also, that eye color was her natural eye color.

In December of 1997, we were able to find a bunny who met with The Creamy's approval, and Silver moved into her home. Unfortunately, poor Silver passed away in 2002 at Penn Vet Hospital leaving Creamy alone again.

In the spring of 2005 we woke up one morning to find Creamy leaning against the side of her cage in obvious discomfort. We immediately took her to the vet where an x-ray revealed that she had somehow broken her leg. We took her to Penn Vet Hospital to have a surgery to pin her leg, as her health was good despite her 10+ years of age. However, the pain was apparently too much for her and she died at the hospital, just as her beloved Silver had done 3 years earlier. Our house seems much emptier without her presence.

(c) 2005 MWG